How can I make sure that my necklaces do not get twisted or entangled when stored?

Would you like to store your necklaces so that they won't become twisted, entangled or damaged? Jewellery specialist BAUNAT tells you what to look out for.

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What options exist to have my necklace lengthened?

You find a gorgeous necklace, just not in the desired length? No problem: most necklaces can be lengthened. Learn more about it with BAUNAT.

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Which precious stones should I choose for a necklace?

A classic diamond necklace, or perhaps a chain with a precious stone such as an emerald or ruby? Explore the possibilities at BAUNAT.

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Necklaces in a modern and minimalist style

Do you prefer chains in a clear and minimalist style? BAUNAT shows you which necklaces, chains and medallions are modern.

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Exclusive necklace and ring with diamonds

A luxurious necklace, for an exclusive gift

Few pieces of jewellery allow quite so much room for luxurious design as the necklace. Discover the allure of elegant chains and colliers from BAUNAT.

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colliers with a blue sapphire and diamonds

Necklaces and colliers with a blue sapphire

The sapphire is one of the most beautiful gemstones and has always fascinated people with its deep blue shades. Discover necklaces and colliers with a sapphire.

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