Choosing earrings can be more difficult than it appears. There is so much to take into account: the occasion, the shape of your face, which earrings are fashionable, and your hairstyle. What are the best earrings to wear with short hair? Well, the possibilities are endless. You can read all about it here.


What type of earrings look good with short hair?

Woman with short hair wearing necklace and earrings from BAUNAT
Wearing earrings with short hair is nowhere near as tricky as many people think. Choose either large, statement earrings, or minimalist earrings such as studs. You want to draw all the attention to your face. Earrings with diamonds are particularly suited to this. If you have a somewhat longer face, it is best to go for large creole or hoop earrings. For a round face, you should choose long pendant earrings.

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Regardless of the length of your hair, you should always go for earrings that match your hair colour. For instance, yellow gold earrings go beautifully with light brown hair. Platinum, white gold or even yellow gold versions suit black hair perfectly. Do you have short, grey hair? Then ruby or sapphire earrings are the best option.

Are there any earrings I should avoid wearing with short hairstyles?

There are no rules you should wear whatever makes you smile. However, if you have short hair, we recommend avoiding earrings that are not in proportion to your hairstyle. For instance, consider avoiding earrings that reach down to your shoulders, or earrings that are too large and bulky.

It is also a good idea to ensure your earring style matches other jewellery pieces you are wearing. With a striking necklace, it's better to wear a subtle pair of earrings such as diamond studs or minimalist earrings. This maintains the balance. If you wear glasses, then it’s best to go for minimalist earrings, as long or large earrings can disrupt the overall balance of the look.

Can I wear long earrings with short hair?

 You can wear long earrings under a short haircut such as Jennifer Lawrence - BAUNAT
In the past, it was an unwritten rule that you couldn't wear long earrings with short hair. That is outdated today. Of course, you can wear long pendant earrings with a sassy short bob. Just take a look at this photo of actress Jennifer Lawrence. She knows all too well how she can highlight her cool short hair by wearing a special pair of earrings. Which earrings suit you depends more on the shape of your face than on your hairstyle.

Which earrings suit my face shape?

Round faces are wider at the cheekbones and narrow at the forehead and jawline. Earrings can be relatively long on a person with a round face, and even drop down as far as the chin.

The distance the jewellery drops will visually refine and balance the face. Select long, slender earrings with a square or rectangular pendant to make the most of the contrast between a round face and the geometric shapes of the earrings.

“These days there seems to be hardly any connection between hairstyle and choice of earrings.”
Do you have a somewhat angular face? You can break up the angular lines using elegant shapes. Choose shorter earrings, such as diamond studs or short, round pendant earrings.
“Choose earrings whose shape is "inverted" compared to the shape of your face.”

Which precious metal should I choose for my earrings?

Woman wearing trendy white gold diamond earrings from BAUNAT.
The choice of precious metal also depends on your personal taste and style. Earrings, with or without diamonds, are available in all kinds of precious metals. Are you a follower of fashion? Then go for earrings in white gold or platinum. They will complement any outfit perfectly. Rose gold earrings are also highly sought after these days, thanks to the revival of retro jewellery. Do you prefer the classic style? Then yellow gold earrings are for you.

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How do I coordinate my makeup and earrings?

Fashionistas know how important it is to match your jewellery to your outfit. But your makeup is also a key part of the puzzle. Yellow gold earrings look best combined with golden bronze eyeshadow. White gold earrings go better with a light and cool eyeshadow, a shade darker than the colour of your eyes. Are your eyes green? Pair your rose gold earrings with a copper eyeshadow to really shine.
And what about your lips? If you like bright red lipstick, long pendant earrings will attract attention to your jawline and mouth. If you prefer subtle makeup and lipstick, then go for more modest earrings, such as delicate studs.

Timeless earrings: diamond stud earrings

Woman wearing minimalist earrings: stud earrings from BAUNAT
Fashion trends come and go, but diamond studs are always in fashion. Earrings with special shapes particularly depend on fashion trends, simple jewellery much less so. You could always wear more oversized studs for a more dramatic yet elegant look. White gold earrings are also timeless jewels. What's more, you can wear them on any occasion!

Trendy earrings of the moment

Under celebrity influence, designs are popular nowadays that might not have been so a few years back.

XXL earrings

Both Rihanna and Beyoncé are regularly spotted with oversized earrings, making them hugely popular. XXL earrings are, as the name suggests, large jewellery, often with long pendant earrings or striking creoles.You can draw a great deal of attention to yourself with full conviction with a dramatic earring.

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“Not wearing earrings is a missed opportunity.”

Minimalist earrings

At the other end of the spectrum, there are minimalist earrings. Minimalist earrings will make you appear fashion-aware, provided you combine them thoughtfully with other jewellery. Consider, for example, modest jewellery such as fine bracelets and modest necklaces. You can create a stylish look with the perfect pair of minimalist earrings, with essentially no risk of being “over the top”.

Oversized studs

As the term suggests, oversized studs are stud earrings that are somewhat larger than the classic style. These earrings are a delightful choice for those with a short hairstyle, such as a pixie cut.

Which earrings should I wear for a special occasion?

Woman wearing trendy earrings at her own wedding - BAUNAT
A special event is the ideal opportunity to make a fashion statement with stunning earrings that complement your outfit. A fun trend nowadays is wearing mismatched earrings. You will also sparkle anywhere with diamond earrings.

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Trendy leaf-motif earrings from BAUNAT
You will certainly make an impression with earrings from designer collections. Just think of the Licio collection, where the shape is inspired by beech nuts, or the Monarca collection inspired by the monarch butterfly. These leaf-motif earrings come from the Classics collection but are just as artistic.

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Your diamond earrings are a timeless accessory. So choose a pair you will cherish for a long time to come, or let our experts guide you in the search for that perfect pair of earrings. Get free no-obligation personal advice online or visit one of our showrooms.

Which style of earrings should you choose?

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