The wedding ring is the most important jewel for a couple, it even has a deeper meaning than the engagement ring. Wearing a wedding ring signifies the acceptance of a commitment to his or her partner. The wedding ring means that two people are officially united for the law and society.

Unlike the engagement ring, where only the woman wears the ring, the wedding ring is a ring that both woman and man wear.

For men, the golden wedding ring is often simple and has just an engraving, without a lot of fantasy. But for the woman, more special rings are allowed. Whether it is at the level of the design or ornaments, it is a jewel for the rest of her life.

If you are thinking about buying a diamond ring, know that this precious stone adorns different types of metals, and not all metals suit all women. The ring can be in gold, silver or platinum, but if you want quality and prestige you should obt for a nobel metal: gold or platinum.

Three types of gold are available: white gold, red gold and yellow gold. What is the difference between them ? Their alloy. Generally they all contain 75% gold, a jewel with 100% gold doesn ‘t exist. The remaining 25% consists of silver and copper. With this ratio we speak of 18 Kt gold.

For yellow gold, the amount of copper and silver is identical. For red gold, only gold and copper is used. As for white gold, this contains 10% silver and 15% copper, wherein obtaining different colours.

Please be aware that even if you buy a diamond ring in white gold, in yellow gold or red gold, the price remains the same. The cost mostly depends on the gold karatage and the quality of the diamonds in the ring.

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