There is a great deal involved in planning a wedding. There is a multitude of issues to take into account, all equally important. What will be on the menu? Where will the reception be held? Will it be themed? Which wedding rings shall we choose? Shall we work with a wedding planner or not? The best thing to do is to formulate a detailed step by step wedding plan ahead of time. BAUNAT is happy to provide an overview.

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Wedding planning tools

Many women dream about their perfect wedding from childhood onwards. Yet, when the time comes to plan the wedding, we find there is a lot to think about. Appointing a wedding planner means some work can already be taken out of your hands. No doubt they will make lots of original suggestions and boast the right contacts in realising your dream wedding. Or would you rather do everything yourself? Make sure you use apps and lists so nothing gets overlooked when planning your wedding. Here we've provided a concise list that will come in handy as a guideline.

  • Set the date
  • Decide on the location
  • Book a venue and decide on a possible theme
  • Compile the guest list
  • Decide on the menu and wine list
  • Choose a photographer
  • Choose a stunning wedding dress and suit
  • Select the wedding rings and matching jewellery
  • Write your vows
  • Plan your honeymoon

Informative apps

Planning a wedding these days without taking a look beforehand at Pinterest seems out of the question. The inspiration you can pick up from the app is as good as it is endless. From bridal accessories to bow ties, and original hairstyles to folded napkins: it can pretty much all be found on Pinterest. The really useful function that lets you pin appealing concepts on a pinboard gives you an up-to-date overview of your favourite ideas. Instagram is also a great source of inspiration. Browse Instagram by using the correct hashtags.

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Will you appoint a wedding planner or will you organise the wedding yourself using checklists and apps?
The countless playlists on Spotify or Apple Music will provide inspiration for your choice in music. To save on DJ costs you can very easily create a playlist of your favourite tunes with Spotify.

Here is a helpful list for you already of free wedding planning apps:

  • WeddingHappy
  • Tie The Knot
  • iWedPlanner
  • Wedding Countdown
  • Wedding LookBook
  • Honeyfund Wedding Registry
  • LadyMarry Wedding Planner 

Practical checklist apps

An overview of everything to be done is an absolute must. You'll most likely remember the biggest points, like booking a venue, choosing rings and a wedding dress. But there are a thousand and one other things to arrange besides. Some might even be overlooked. With the Bridebook app you can compile complete To Do lists, so you won't forget anything. An absolute must for efficient wedding planning.

With Mint you can keep a very close eye on your wedding budget, as this handy app shows you how much you've already spent on a range of categories. You can even set up alerts to warn you straight away if you start to exceed your budget on a particular item.

Setting your budget

Determining your budget isn't exactly romantic but is a sure-fire way of avoiding financial hangovers after a pricey wedding. By having a budget in place before you start you won't fall into the trap of falling in love with a wedding dress, jewellery or a venue that is beyond your financial remit. The best thing is to jointly set a realistic budget. In our country, on average, a wedding and all the trimmings costs between € 15,000 and € 20,000. Although, we have found that millennials are spending an average of € 31,000.
TIP: set aside a certain amount for unforeseen costs, like bad weather scenarios.

Set the date

Haven't set a date yet? Most couples are engaged for around 12-18 months before a diamond ring comes into play. Within that time, you see the seasons come and go. That helps you to decide which season seems the ideal one for you to get married in and the themes that might complement that particular season. Even though weddings are full of traditional customs and rituals , many couples know how to add their unique touch . Also make sure important guests are actually free during a specific time period.

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The benefits of a spring or summer wedding

Woman holding a bouquet. Bear the seasons in mind when planning your wedding. – BAUNAT
Isn't the countryside simply stunning in the spring? Spring flowers sleepily awaken after their winter sleep and inject colour to our surroundings. Think for example of prolific rhododendrons in May and June with their white, yellow, purple, red and pink palette. Or the magnolia with its tulip-shaped flowers in white and dusty pink that can start to bloom in March already and adds even more romanticism to the gardens and streets when it drops its petals.

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Who doesn't love summer? Sunny days, sultry evenings with everyone in a good mood! It's no wonder this season is so popular with engaged couples. The good weather and fantastic abundance of flowers open up your wedding venue choices considerably. The ceremony indoors or outdoors, in a marquee or a chic salon, on the beach or in a meadow? Anything is possible! The summer is also the ideal season for perfect wedding photos.

What are the advantages of getting married in the autumn or winter?

Woman in autumnal scenery. Bear the seasons in mind when planning your wedding. – BAUNAT
What could be better than a stunning autumnal backdrop to your wedding photos? And how about an autumnal wedding bouquet? Though the biggest bonus of an autumn wedding is undoubtedly the cost. Marrying in the autumn is definitely cheaper than marrying in the summer. So for the same budget you can have a party extravaganza or invite even more guests to join in the celebrations. The same is true if you decide to get married abroad; the autumn is ideal.

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Cold, the nights drawing in and inclement weather ... Not a big fan of wintertime? A winter wedding is immensely cosy, warm and festive, nonetheless. Even if you're planning on a (short) outdoor ceremony. After all, the cold calls for braziers and heating to be placed all around. Provide some fleece blankets for your guests and score top points for ambience and coziness. And how about walking into the church past a very long row of candles placed on the ground? Romanticism abounds .

Compile the guest list

Rustic wedding invitation. Plan a wedding with original invitations.
You can't have a party without guests, or guests without invitations. Ideally, you should send out the invitations 9 weeks before the wedding day and give the guests up to 5 weeks before that date to confirm. This gives you a week still to chase up the last confirmations and you can inform the caterers a full month in advance of the number of expected guests. Will a specific theme or dress code apply? Don't forget to mention it!
Give your creativity free rein when doing your invitations. One original idea is to send your guests a View-Master invitation with a stereoscope reel of photos, based on a narrative. Another great idea is a 3D invitation with 3D glasses enclosed.

Staying up to speed with who can and can't come to your wedding can become an overwhelming administrative task. Who has pen and paper with them at all times, or you might forget to add the name to your Excel file. That's where the Appy Couple app comes into its own. It helps you maintain an overview of your guest list. You can also use the app to send your wedding invitation out. Their response automatically synchronises with the list. Moreover, they can send you messages, should they have any questions, via the app.

Decide on the venue

Naturally there is nothing wrong with a traditional reception venue, but you can be creative too. Make sure you choose a venue that reflects your personalities. Are you both musically inclined? You could choose a small theatre, jazz cafe or an opera hall.
Couple marries on the shore of a lake. Are you planning a waterside wedding too? - BAUNAT
If you're both known as real nature lovers or adventurers, there are some truly original venues out there. You could, for example, organise the ceremony or reception on a former farm. Stunning wedding photos can be taken in the meadows and forests, and the children have somewhere great to play besides. Or, are you planning a lakeside wedding, just like this couple?

Booking the venue

Be sure to visit and book a venue in plenty of time. Avoid disappointment of your dream venue already being booked up on your wedding day. A practical tip! Ask at the venue if you can take a peek at the preparations for another wedding being held at the venue. This will give you a good idea of the possibilities the venue has to offer and you can already get an idea of possible issues you'll need to address.

Choose a theme

Do you love the idea of a wedding reception with an original twist? If so, opt for a themed wedding. There are lots of fun, original themes that, with minimal effort, you can create a fantastic ambience with. Here are a few suggestions.

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Couple kisses alongside a VW camper. Why not plan your wedding along a vintage theme too? - BAUNAT
Vintage weddings are all the rage and are eminently suitable for open air weddings. Ideal for spring or summer weddings. A 1920s style wedding? Pure class! Or do the 1950s appeal to you more? Let’s rock ‘n roll! Set up a jukebox at your wedding venue with the best rock ‘n roll and rockabilly hits.

A vintage wedding calls for a vintage wedding ring, naturally.
Why not fully dovetail your wedding abroad with its theme? Irrespective of which holiday paradise you have in mind, the options are endless when planning your wedding. Create your invitations in the format of an airplane ticket or an international passport. The great thing about the passport idea is that you can fill the pages with photos and anecdotes. If you're going exotic, provide for adequate palm trees and exotic flowers at your wedding venue.

Decide on the menu and wine list

What will be on the wedding menu? Seasonal menus are the best. In the summer your guests could enjoy different food trucks or a summer menu. Typical summer tastes are exceptionally tempting. Think of pasta dishes, tapas, grilled vegetables, fresh garden herbs, fruity puddings .... Delicious! Or, how about a BBQ?
Tip: instead of a seated dinner, why not organise a mini festival with food trucks?
A BBQ is less ideal in the winter. Wintry dishes are called for when it gets chiller. Are you getting married over the festive season? You could opt for a full-blown Christmas dinner to really create a festive ambience. Pork tenderloin on a bed of winter vegetables with mashed potato is traditional Christmas fare and therefore ideal as a main course for your Christmas wedding.

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Glasses of rosé wine on a decorated table. Make the right wine choices during your wedding day preparations. - BAUNAT
The wine you serve on your wedding day depends on the food you will be serving. Be sure to take this into account when planning your wedding. White wine is traditionally served with fish and cheese, whereas red wine complements meat better. Rosé wines go well with, say, Moroccan or Indian dishes. Their soft character complements the rather spicy dishes from these cuisines.

Choose a photographer

The best day of your life must, of course, be properly recorded for posterity's sake. You will be far too busy yourself, so you'd be better off engaging a professional photographer. This photographer will take photos of your vows, as well as atmospheric images of the day.

Be sure to research your chosen photographer's work in advance to get an idea of their field of expertise. You can, of course, always give your opinions. Google a few example photos and discuss the different options with the photographer. This ensures you are on the same page.
A great addition to a professional photographer is a cool photo booth or retro disposal cameras on the tables.
An experienced wedding photographer will be able to advise you on how to ensure the day runs smoothly. There might be too much packed into the day. It can be really useful therefore if the photographer can share their expertise. But do remember though that the photographer isn't a professional wedding planner.

Decide on a dress for your big day

You've probably noticed by now that planning a wedding involves a great deal. But now that the date has been set, the theme has been decided, the guests have been invited, the photographer is booked and the wines chosen, we can focus completely on your bridal outfit. In the spring or summer you're best off choosing a dress without sleeves or short sleeves, or a strapless dress. Get yourself a beautiful bolero or stole for the evening when it gets chillier.

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Trying on the wedding dress is a key part of your wedding preparations. - BAUNAT
Which dress style best suits your figure? The trick is to highlight your best features and to camouflage possible downsides. Here we've listed the different body shapes for you.

  • Apple : do you have broader shoulders and a fuller bust? Is the lower part of your body narrower with slender legs? If so, an empire dress that sits snug across the bust and widens at the bottom is right for you. Another alternative is a short dress that highlights your legs.

  • Pear : turn the apple figure around, and that's the pear body shape. Smaller bust, narrow shoulders and a small waist, but fuller, wider hips and legs. Make sure attention is drawn to your slimmer upper body! A strapless dress will look fantastic on you!

  • Rectangle : everything is the same measurement. Your shoulders and hips are on the same vertical line. You have a flat bottom, a small bust and slender legs. Extra volume is key here. Look out for a typical Cinderella , babydoll or classic A-line dress.

  • Hourglass : women with hourglass figures must maximise their figure. This can be done by opting for a corset or a figure-hugging skirt. Body shapes can be additionally accentuated with a mermaid style dress.

What will the groom wear on his big day?

Dreaming about the perfect wedding also means dreaming about the perfect dress, well, for women at any rate. Men are more likely to think about the suit they will wear. Or will you go for a slightly less traditional look? It can actually get quite warm in Belgium in the summer. A shirt with short or rolled-up sleeves can look very manly. Complete the outfit with a lovely bow or neck tie for a stylish finish.
Man with diamond cufflinks. The groom's outfit is also very important on the wedding day. – BAUNAT
Cowboy boots under his suit add an original touch to an autumnal or winter wedding. A long-sleeved shirt will be a better option at that time of year too. BAUNAT diamond cufflinks will finish off the outfit beautifully.

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Select suitable jewellery and accessories

Your fabulous engagement ring is allowed to make up a prominent part of your outfit on your wedding day. After the ceremony it will fit snugly next to your wedding ring. But you needn't limit yourself to these two rings as your only jewellery pieces on the day, that's for sure. Sparkling diamond earrings that perfectly complement the colour of your wedding dress, or consciously contrast it, help create a more elegant appearance. A stunning diamond necklace draws the eye to your neckline, and accentuates your dress even further. A diamond bracelet will finish off the outfit to perfection.

What complements the groom's tailor-made suit? Cufflinks and a stunning BAUNAT watch. Will you choose one from the Swiss or Italian collection?

Which wedding rings suit us?

In days gone by engagement rings simply had to be set with a stunning solitaire diamond whilst the wedding ring was simpler. Nowadays that tradition seems to be less prevalent. Indeed, a wedding ring can indeed be set with diamonds and needn't be overshadowed by the engagement ring anymore.
Black wedding ring. Choosing the wedding rings is an integral part of the wedding preparations. – BAUNAT
Do you fantasize about a classic wedding ring? If so, an eternity ring is the one for you, set all the way round with small diamonds. In contrast, can your wedding ring be quite modern? Choose a ring with a surprising diamond setting and placement, with a floral design or even with coloured diamonds. Our wedding ring collection includes yellow and black diamonds : perfect for the masculine man.

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Write your vows

A wedding ceremony isn't just about exchanging rings and the first kiss as man and wife. It is also about promising one another eternal fidelity and about sharing with the guests why your partner is the perfect match for you. Where to start when writing your vows?
Don't panic if you don't have a speech written up for the day. Be spontaneous and speak straight from the heart.
To start with, think back on your shared history. The first time you met, the first butterflies in your tummy, the first kiss .... take a look at the photos and video clips from that time. How it all started and the memories you have meanwhile formed are the ideal basis for writing your vows. Take your time and make a note every now and again of a fun anecdote or event. After that, look ahead, as your wedding is after all about your shared future together.

Plan your honeymoon

There is a great deal involved in planning a wedding. Once your wedding day has been planned down to the finest detail it is time to look farther afield, namely to the honeymoon. Would you like to go on your honeymoon straight after the wedding? A good idea is to have a few days in between the reception and heading off. Your travel itinerary may change to due to unforeseen circumstances, such as the weather, a strike or a crisis. Be sure to pack your suitcases in advance. You really won't have the energy or inclination for packing in the days following the wedding.

Do you already have a dream destination in mind? The options are endless. Bone fide adventurers could go backpacking in Kenya or Thailand, for example. Those who prefer a beach holiday could enjoy a delightfully luxurious holiday on a tropical island in the Caribbean.

Take care of your wedding rings

A wedding ring is an item of jewellery to be worn every day of course. That means it requires regular cleaning and care. That is very easy to do at home.

Fill a bowl with lukewarm soapy water and leave your wedding ring to soak in it for 20 to 40 minutes. Then polish the diamonds and precious metal with a soft toothbrush and rinse under the tap in warm water. In any case, thoroughly clean your ring with a soft cloth once a week.
Never use chemical products to clean your ring. Bleach or acetone, for example, can damage the precious metal. Of course, your jeweller can professionally clean your rings for you. Do not hesitate to get in touch with us for further information.

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You now know how to tackle your wedding plan and that working in line with a checklist or step by step plan really is a good idea. So, what is left to know about wedding rings and the wedding? Did you know, for example, the history of the wedding ring and have you heard about foreign wedding traditions? Find out all you need to know here. Please don't hesitate to get in touch with our experts should you have any more questions.
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