• Engraving your wedding rings
  • Dates to engrave in your wedding rings
  • Engrave something unique to your relationship

What's more beautiful than engraving a little message in your wedding rings? Everything on the most special day in your life can be unique to you, so why not personalise the rings you are both going to be wearing forever? After all, your wedding rings symbolise and celebrate the love between you two.

Engraving your wedding rings

Whereas goldsmiths used to engrave rings by hand, they now have the latest laser technology at their disposal to engrave something truly unique in your wedding rings. The choice of what to engrave should therefore not be taken lightly. Sit down with your partner and talk about what characterizes your relationship and what makes it unique.

Because of the afore-mentioned laser technology, you are no longer limited to just text for your engraving. We can engrave relatively complicated and small symbols into your ring as well. BAUNAT can help you personalise you wedding rings so they truly become a symbol of your love.

Dates to engrave in your wedding rings

Dates have certain symbolism and importance for your relationship as a couple. You could choose the date on which you met, or the date of your first date or first kiss. Or why not opt for the date of the marriage proposal? After all, the proposal was the official start of a new chapter in your relationship!

Engrave something unique to your relationship

Instead of engraving a date, why not opt for something that characterises your relationship, such as a certain pet name? You could also choose to engrave the coordinates of a place that is important to both of you. Similar to the date, you could choose for the place where you first met, where you had your first date or where you shared your first kiss.
Lyrics to your favourite song are also a great idea. If the sentence is rather long, you could choose to separate it in two, with one part engraved in your ring and the second part in the ring of your partner. This is highly romantic, as, just like you and your partner, your wedding rings now literally complement each other.

Whichever the word, phrase or symbol you have chosen to engrave in your wedding rings, BAUNAT will be happy to design the wedding rings that truly celebrate your love. And if you still have no clue on what to engrave, you can read this article for even more inspiration!
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