• How does Wouters and Hendrix’s design process work?
  • Which stories do the unique collections at BAUNAT tell?
  • How can I order a unique designer jewellery item from the collection?

BAUNAT’s exclusive designer jewellery is the extraordinary result of collaborations with different designers. The unique collections are therefore only available from BAUNAT. Where did Wouters and Hendrix find the inspiration for the extraordinary collection? How can I find the perfect golden necklace or diamond earrings in their designs?

How does Wouters and Hendrix’ design process work?

The uniqueness of the collections designed by Wouters and Hendrix for BAUNAT is in the stories behind the extraordinary designs. The quirky designers have put their creativity to work for an impressive five different collections. They use a different source as inspiration for every collection. Natural elements are particularly evident throughout the designers’ portfolio.

These natural elements can also be seen in BAUNAT’s designer collections. The golden necklace, the diamond ring, the classic earrings: each piece tells its own unique story.

Which stories do the unique collections at BAUNAT tell?

Wouters and Hendrix’s jewellery always comes with a story in their striking, yet discrete lines. The diamond and golden jewellery may seem like classics from a distance, but a second glance will unveil their adventurous details. The Nathu collection combines sleek and fluency in an organic and timeless whole. Le Paradis exchanges sleekness for untamed nature and irregular lines which appeal to the imagination. The fickleness of nature is also strongly reflected in the playful Ouverture collection. The golden necklace has been given an entirely new interpretation with the mysterious and nostalgic medallions from Médaillon d’Anvers.

The designer duo took a completely different approach with Jafo. Here the emphasis is specifically on culture and the mysterious and sleek jewellery takes a look back at the age old Japanese packing techniques.

How can I order a unique designer jewellery item from the collection?

Each piece of jewellery exudes an individual complexity in the exclusive Wouters and Hendrix collections. Just like your own personality clearly comes to the forefront, each individual piece of jewellery does exactly the same. You will find sleek lines, organically irregular shapes and romantic appearances throughout the collections. That’s why everyone can find a designer jewellery item which will appeal to their imagination. A golden necklace with a medallion? Or would you prefer a pair of sleek Japanese inspired earrings? The choice is yours.

Which exclusive piece of jewellery will suit me best? How can I choose the right golden necklace for my style? Ask BAUNAT’s diamond experts for advice for your perfect jewellery.


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