• Where do we know the ‘Heart of the Ocean’ from?
  • Which real diamond served as the inspiration for this necklace?
  • How can I choose my own beautiful blue diamond necklace?

Undoubtedly, the name ‘Heart of the Ocean’ rings a bell. Even if you cannot quite put your finger on where you have heard it before, this blue diamond necklace is one of the most famous jewels in the world. Where do I know it from? How can I choose my own exceptional necklace?

Where do we know the ‘Heart of the Ocean’ from?

This special necklace, also known as the ‘Coeur de la Mer’ may be famous, but it actually does not exist. This diamond necklace plays a fictional yet major role in the blockbuster ‘Titanic’, a film that broke all the records in 1997. In this movie, the rich Caledon Hockley, played by Billy Zane, gifts this extraordinary piece of jewellery to his fiancée Rose DeWitt Bukater, played by actress Kate Winslet. According to the movie, the fictional diamond necklace was worn by Louis the 16th before it was recut into a heart shape after the French Revolution.

The movie brought about an unseen ‘Heart of the Ocean’ hype. As with the similarly coloured engagement ring from Kate Middleton, the central blue diamond spoke to people. Even though the initial hype has since died down, the unique character of a deep blue sapphire or blue diamond remains timeless.

Which real diamond served as the inspiration for this necklace?

Although the anecdote regarding Louis the 16th from the movie is fictional, the true story is just as special. The Hope Diamond or ‘Le Blue de France’ was worn by Louis the 14th and has had a history worth its own movie. The blue diamond of 45.5 carats, after all, is rumoured to be cursed. Each person who has ever owned this diamond necklace, has had tragedy or  misfortune befall him, until the stone found its permanent home in the Smithsonian Museum in 1958.

According to the legend, the striking diamond was stolen from an effigy of the Indian goddess Sita before it was incorporated into a beautiful diamond necklace. The precious stone was said to bring misfortune until it was placed back into its rightful place.

The Hope diamond surrounded by smaller diamonds in a necklace

How can I choose my own beautiful blue diamond necklace?

The curse of the Hope Diamond may not have left much evidence behind, but the brilliance of the eye-catching blue diamond does live up to its reputation. The lustrous blue surrounded by a halo of smaller diamonds is so iconic that even derivatives such as the ‘Heart of the Ocean’ gain world fame. Do you prefer a subtler, more budget-friendly variant? At BAUNAT, you can choose between several different designs that each in their own way echo the extraordinary appearance of both these necklaces.

How can I design my own jewellery piece inspired by one of these iconic necklaces? Can I opt for a heart-shaped precious stone in my necklace? Ask the BAUNAT jewellery experts for advice and find the perfect jewel for you.

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