Most people choose a diamond as the gemstone for their engagement ring, but if you want to add colour, there are many options available. One is the green sapphire. It is less known than its blue variant, yet an exciting choice for a very unique engagement ring.

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What Characterises a Green Sapphire?

The green sapphire, such as the red ruby and the blue sapphire, is a variant of the mineral group corundum. The mineral is almost as hard as diamond. Simultaneously, most colour variations are characterized by a very deep saturation, which makes this high-quality gemstone increasingly popular in engagement rings.

A green sapphire is rather subtle and less intense than the emerald with a deep green colour.  The colour of a green sapphire is yellowish-green to olive green. It gets its colour from inclusions of iron in the mineral, but it is still see-through and has the typical glass lustre of corundum. The main source for green sapphires is Sri Lanka and parts of Australia. Only stones with a very low amount of iron appear green. When the amount of iron increases, the colour changes to blue.

Green sapphires, like all other non-blue sapphires, are sometimes referred to as "fancy sapphires".

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Green sapphires in different cuts  - Green sapphires cut in different shapes, e.g. for an engagement ring

Perks and Drawbacks of a Green Sapphire Engagement Ring

An engagement ring with a green sapphire is a very unusual choice. Because of their radiant sparkle and fire, diamonds are by far the most popular gemstones in engagement rings. Sometimes diamonds are combined with an emerald, ruby or blue sapphire. The green sapphire is rarely chosen for engagement rings because it has a less spectacular appearance, especially when compared directly with the emerald.
The sapphire is the birthstone of September. As a healing stone, people believe sapphires have a calming and balancing effect. An engagement ring with a green sapphire is suitable for anyone looking for a very individual gemstone that is rarely found in jewellery.

In an engagement ring with diamonds, a green sapphire looks particularly beautiful, as diamonds provide additional light reflections and a sensational overall picture.
Green sapphires in different cuts  - Green sapphires cut in different shapes, e.g. for an engagement ring

Is a Coloured Diamond an Alternative to a Coloured Sapphire?

If you have a higher budget, the green diamond is a very noble alternative. The green diamond colour is caused by natural radioactive radiation, which makes it an absolute rarity and therefore very popular among collectors.

The most famous fancy green diamond is the legendary "Green Dresden'', a gemstone of just over 40 carats. The stone came from India to Europe in the 18th century. Today you can admire it in the Albertinum, the State Art Collection in Dresden.

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Even though it is nice to know what traditional meaning a particular gemstone has, nowadays, it is mainly the stone’s appearance that makes the final choice. We always advise to simply choose gemstones with colours you like the most.
Engagement ring with green gemstone and diamonds - Entourage ring with a green gemstone, an emerald, encircled by colourless diamonds

What Designs are Available for an Engagement Ring With a Green Sapphire?

There are no limits to the imagination, but the green sapphire in an entourage ring looks particularly beautiful and noble, as a circle of diamonds encloses it. The trilogy engagement ring comes with a sapphire in the centre and two diamonds, one on either side.There is also the Toi & Moi ring that consists of one sapphire and one diamond.
Would you like advice to select the perfect engagement ring with a green sapphire or another gemstone? BAUNAT’s team will be happy to help and is looking forward to hear from you.

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