• Wedding rings, a symbol of eternal love
  • Marriages are rich in heritage and tradition
  • Diamond wedding rings represent commitment and loyalty

It has been customary for several centuries for men to offer their bride a ring during the wedding ceremony. This is not a trivial gesture, but a true symbol of the total commitment between a husband and his wife. Discover the full circle diamond wedding ring, symbol of your eternal love.

In the very form of a ring, the circle also plays an important role in marriage, since the world has, since time immemorial, been described as a circle or a sphere. Therefore, the wedding ring marks the union of a man and a woman who are ready to celebrate their union in marriage.

Wedding rings, a symbol of eternal love

The religious ceremony is a crucial part of the wedding with the exchange of vows, a moment long awaited by the guests. The marriage represents two people standing before family and friends and professing their love and commitment with a wedding ring, which symbolises their maternal love.

The wedding is also a very moving moment, which will remain in your memories. Whatever model of wedding ring you have chosen to mark this event: yellow gold ring, white gold or platinum; marriage is a commitment that binds you for life.

Marriages are rich in heritage and tradition

If you are seeking to add an artistic and sincere touch to your wedding day, why not hire a wedding magician-illusionist. The magician usually performs during the cocktail or the wedding meal, doing magic tricks with cards, coins or even tricks of the mind.

You can also organise a release of doves, which symbolise the happiness of you and your spouse, and the joy of your new union. Once the doves are released, it is a sign that the newly-weds are starting a new life together.

White doves symbolise the innocence of the conjugal relationship, since white is the colour of purity. White doves may also represent something new, which makes the release of the dove appropriate for a wedding.

Diamond wedding rings represent commitment and loyalty

Diamond wedding rings represent commitment and loyalty. The circle, a strong symbol of marriage, represents infinite or eternal love. Read this article to find out how pure a diamond should be. You should in particular analyse the 4C.

Have you ever wondered why wedding rings are worn on the left ring finger? In antiquity, it was believed that the third finger of the left hand that bears the diamond wedding ring contained a vein that was directly connected to the heart.

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