We have all come to the point in life where we are looking at purchasing a diamond ring. Whether it is a person looking to purchase a special ring for their partner for a particular occasion or whether its a person looking at treating themselves with a very special gift.

Choosing to purchase your diamond ring online or in a store

Today, buying online with all the secured payment systems and great insured shipping services, has made choosing this particular option incredibly easy and increasingly successful. Photos are very accurate and information about the product is very detailed therefore once you know what you are looking for, buying a diamond ring in a few clicks is so simple.

Choosing the design for your diamond ring

The next step is understanding which design you are looking for for your diamond ring. Do you wish to buy a classic design, or would you rather wish to make a fashion statement and buy a ring that is similar to one you may have seen on a famous person? Or would you instead like to design your own ring, based on a ring you may have had in the past, or based on an era that you particularly appreciate such as Art deco jewellery?

Furthermore, are you more of a white gold, red gold, yellow gold person, or would you prefer the durability of platinum? That choice does make a difference, not only in terms of the budget you would like to spend, but also depending on what type of diamond you would like to set in the ring.

Fancy coloured or white diamond?

Would you like to go for the authentic, slightly more traditional white diamond or would you opt for a fancy coloured diamond? In the case of a white diamond, the one and only thing to take into account is the Colour, Clarity, Cut and Carat grading - the 4C’s. Whether you opt for a perfect diamond with little to no colour at all; the number and the visibility of the inclusions to the naked eye; whether the diamond has excellent cut grading or less; and of course last but not least, the size of the diamond itself.

If you instead choose to go for a coloured diamond, based on your favourite colour for example, there’s a variety of colours to choose from: yellow, brown, pink, blue, red, orange or even black. These colours are not all easy to find and some are extremely rare and very pricey depending on their saturation and the tone of the colour itself.

We at BAUNAT offer you the possibility of either choosing from our vast catalogue of diamond rings online or the option of tailor making which ever design you have in mind through an easy process with our teams of designers and artisans in Antwerp.

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