Part 2 - The financial advantages

Diamonds make for the perfect moveable commodity as a recommended investment, they fit in your pocket, they are prestigious, there is always demand for investment diamonds, they provide anonymity and most importantly, diamonds are along with gold, the only internationally accepted alternative currency which has the same value wherever you are.

  • Long-term investment, doesn’t lose value over time
  • Recognised asset worldwide
  • Light, easy and beautiful

Long-term investment

You have chosen a magnificent ring whose design will certainly dazzle your fiancée, and now you are deciding which diamond you are going to set into the ring and considering buying an investment diamond.

What does that actually entail? Choosing a diamond that is between 1ct and 6cts, the clarity must be between Flawless and VS2 and the colour has to be D, E, F or G and not lower. Should you decide to pick a natural fancy coloured diamond, then it has to be an intense/vivid colour which is highly demanded for on the market to maximise reselling potential.

Diamonds do not lose value over time and although the market fluctuates, diamond is one of the few commodities that maintains its value through time, that is due to its marketability, anonymity and also its durability and aura. This makes it easy to resell, anytime, anywhere.

Recognised asset worldwide

Along with the fact that the diamond does not lose value over time, comes the important point that diamond, along with gold, is the only commodity that is accepted at international level as an alternative currency.

Light, easy and beautiful

A diamond is light, its transportable anywhere and anonymous but most of all its beautiful and is the only gemstone to possess the most alluring fire, brilliance and scintillation that one could hope for.

So there you have the winning combination, an investment diamond set in a gold ring that makes it a perfect investment that couldn’t make anyone than your loved one happier.

BAUNAT not only proposes a unique and elegant collection of engagement rings, it also offers a tailored service in investment diamonds; guaranteeing you chose the correct diamond that corresponds exactly to your needs and offers the maximum investment potential.

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