When you propose to your loved one, naturally you want her to love her engagement ring and for it to fit. Or, is your ring tucked away somewhere as it's too big following your weight loss?  Don't despair if that is the case.  

Depending on the style of your ring, it can easily be resized at your jewellers. Only rings that are set with diamonds all around are impossible to resize.

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How do I find out the right ring size?

The best way of avoiding having to resize your ring is, of course, finding the right ring size to start with. You can use an old ring that fits you properly or use a ring sizer.  Do you want your proposal to be a surprise? If so, there are a few ways you can ingeniously find out her ring size, such as tracing one of her rings onto paper.

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How can I adjust my ring's size?

Eternity rings cannot be resized - BAUNAT
We do not advise you adjust the size of your ring yourself.  There are a few ways of doing so, however, the likelihood of damaging your ring is high.  We recommend you head to your jewellers to have your ring resized.  At BAUNAT a team of experts  is always on hand to help determine whether your ring can be resized and the best way of doing so.

How does the jeweller resize your ring?

Should your ring not fit very well or your ring size has changed over time, resizing a ring is a piece of cake for a genuine expert. A ring is resized by stretching its precious metal, such as gold or platinum. If the ring needs to be resized by several sizes bigger, the jeweller will cut it open to insert extra metal. The melting technique means the extra piece will be indiscernible.
Your BAUNAT jeweller will polish a resized ring to give it renewed sparkle.
Making a ring smaller is often easier than making it bigger. To do so the jeweller or goldsmith has to remove a section of the ring band. The ends are then melted back together to form a whole again.  Needless to say, once the ring has been resized it is polished and buffed to remove any sharp edges and make the ring sparkle like new.

By how many sizes can my ring be resized?

The maximum number of sizes a ring can be resized either way by is three.  Any greater and the ring cannot be resized as that will affect the quality integrity of the ring.  In such an instance the goldsmith will need to make a new ring in the correct size.
The maximum number of sizes a ring can be resized either way by is three.

How much does it cost to resize a ring?

That is tricky to say. Each ring is unique, so each size is too. Prices range between €20 to €150, based on the following factors.

  • The type of precious metal: resizing a gold or silver ring is considerably easier than one made of platinum. This is because platinum's melting point is at a higher temperature which in turn can cause discolouration.
  • The number of precious stones: the more stones there are, the trickier the jeweller's job.
  • How much you wish to have your ring resized by.

Can all ring types be resized?

Most rings with a smooth precious metal ring band are easy to resize.  Resizing a ring with an intricate pattern or with a diamond band is more complex.  This is because the pattern could become uneven or the diamonds damaged during the resizing process.  This is why we strongly recommend you determine the correct ring size from the outset.  Or pop past an accredited jeweller to have your size taken.

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Resizing a gold ring is only possible if it isn't an eternity ring - BAUNAT

Which designs are the trickiest to resize?

Ring sizes are easy to tweak if they are not set with diamonds or precious stones.  This is not the case though for eternity rings  that are set all the way round with diamonds.  With these rings it is impossible to stretch the ring or to remove or add a section of the metal. Rings that have a striking, unusual design are more expensive to resize too.

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The BAUNAT specialists boast considerable expertise in ring resizing, leaving no trace of their work behind. Crafting rings by hand is second nature to them. Be sure to seek expert advice or make an appointment at one of the BAUNAT showrooms. Together with our specialists you can then look at the options available to you, to ensure your ring fits you better.

What else should I know about rings and ring sizes?

Among other things, in these blog posts we explain how you can resize your ring, what to look out for when determining your ring size, and we reveal a few tips & tricks on how to remove a too-tight ring. Find out all you need to know now.

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