Marriage is a beautiful commitment between two people loving each other. A nice way to emphasize this, is the diamond eternity ring. It symbolizes eternal love. The diamond ring is beautiful as an engagement ring  but is also often worn as a wedding ring. The eternity ring is a timeless classic that truly suits every personality. It is an investment for live. Discover together with us one of the ultimate symbols of love.

Symbol of love

Because of its shape, a diamond eternity ring symbolizes eternal love and faithfulness. It is the ultimate symbol of love. Therefore, this model is often chosen as an engagement ring. Earlier Marilyn Monroe was proposed with this ring.

The eternity ring is a classic from which every women knows how to accept. And besides that, this diamond ring is a perfect wedding ring. It emphasizes both your love, so everyone knows that what you have is unique and forever.


There are different types of eternity rings and there is no set way an eternity ring has to look. The most popular shape is the white gold or platinum ring which is fully set with (colorless) diamonds. If you want a more extravagant ring, you can always add colored diamonds or gemstones like, rubies, sapphires or emeralds. If you have a lower budget, it is possible to only set the upper half of the ring. However, we prefer the eternity ring to be fully set with diamonds. This is not only very luxurious, the ring is also catches the eye. 

Looking for a beautiful diamond eternity ring, then you have come to the right place. Therefore, discover our collection of diamond rings.


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