There are plenty of occasions that you can delight a loved one with a diamond jewel. Their gratitude is already a great reward on its own, but in times of crisis customers are looking for more. A diamond is currently very popular as a profitable investment. A new phenomenon, as it turns out. Purchasing diamonds as an investment was formerly reserved for experts, but we notice that this is gradually changing. More and more people see diamonds as a good alternative for gold or shares. And we can’t blame them! Not only are diamonds still rising in value, you are also investing in beauty.


Investing in a beautiful house is nice, but purchasing diamonds to surprise your loved one is so much more fun. Diamond jewellery are a unique combination of a beautiful gift and a smart investment. Diamonds increase in value year after year and survive multiple generations and heirs without losing their beauty. They are the perfect gift for a special occasion such as an engagement or a birthday. Also during the Christmas period more diamonds are being purchased as a gift. Due to the economic crisis customers are being quite suspicous towards things that lose their value over time. People take less and less risks. Purchasing diamonds, as a safe investment, is therefore the perfect alternative.


Of course there are different possibilities in terms of diamond gifts. You can choose an affordable piece of jewellery, such as a simple diamond bracelet, or you can go for a more exclusive deal like for example a solitaire ring of 3.00 carat. Whatever your choice may be, at BAUNAT, we are convinced that diamonds have nothing but advantages.

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