Buying jewels and diamonds is an activity that many of us love doing. Whether it is for a special occasion, for a gift or for yourself, we believe there is no need for an excuse to buy jewellery. Furthermore, as we know, many pieces of jewellery also may carry a lot of history as they are being passed on through generations. That is where the investment idea comes from. The prices of jewels and diamonds do fluctuate over time, but essentially, they will always be considered suitable for an investment and here is why.

  • What is recommended as an investment?
  • Why are jewels and diamonds considered suitable?

What is recommended as an investment?

Investments are always recommended as they offer a certain security to their holder in particular during difficult times. But finding the proper assets and the proper things to invest in may not be easy, especially if you are not as familiar with the financial language of markets and shares.

What almost everyone agrees on, is that investments should always be diversified, to avoid putting “all the eggs in one basket” in times of crisis. In fact, the most recommendable mix for investments is the following: one-third of investments in real estate, one-third in fixed-interest securities and the last third in movable assets and commodities. Commodities are basic goods or raw materials in commerce that institutions or individual buy and sell.

This is where jewels and diamonds come in as they make for the perfect movable commodities with many more advantages than disadvantages.

The potential of jewels and diamonds turning into investment is great, BAUNAT is your partner.

Why are jewels and diamonds considered suitable?

It turns out there are actually quite a few reasons why jewels and diamonds are considered suitable for investment purposes, but lets delve into the most relevant ones.

Jewels and diamonds offers anonymity as no registration is required to purchase them. They both offer protection against inflation, financial crises and eventual market collapse. Jewels and diamonds are highly regarded and carry the same emotional value worldwide, hence both gold and diamonds are the only internationally accepted alternative currency that maintains the value everywhere.

Another important aspect is that both barely carry any maintenance costs are they are small, easy to carry around and can be safely stored in a normal sized safe.

Jewels and diamonds are fabulous by nature, and considering them as an investment makes them even more valuable overall.

Are you considering putting one-third of your wealth in jewels and diamonds and need a little guidance on the subject? BAUNAT’s expertise in diamond jewels and diamonds alone is very extensive and our team will guarantee you the best possible price in investment terms. Do not hesitate to contact us directly for guidance in your investment search.

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