• The anatomy of an engagement ring
  • The design possibilities

If you are interested in buying a unique diamond ring or if you want to order a tailor made engagement ring, you should know how the ring is designed. What is the anatomy of the diamond ring?  What are its various components? Find out below.

What are the different components of a diamond ring?

The setting of the diamond ring comes in various shapes and forms. The “claws” or “prongs” that hold your diamond can be square, round or claw-like, but they can also be straight or curved. The number of prongs varies between four and six, depending on which design and which diamond shape you choose. It is this part of the ring that catches the eye first, so keep that in mind when you choose the design you like, whether that is something more extravagant or rather traditional and simple. A diamond with four claws is particularly radiant as more light can be reflected.

The central diamond is usually larger than, for example, the diamonds or precious stones positioned around it. It is the main player in the design of the diamond ring. An average engagement ring has a central diamond with a carat weight of  0.30 or more (about 4.5 millimetres in diameter). The solitaire ring is still the most popular design.

Create more shine with side diamonds

An engagement ring can be set with one single diamond, as a solitaire ring, but can also be set with several more diamonds or gemstones. The number of diamonds depends on your personal budget and individual wishes. However, your possibilities are almost endless. The additional stones can be arranged in a circle around the central diamond or set in the ring band.

The more gemstones the engagement ring has, the higher the cost. However, retailers and jewellers offer many fascinating diamond rings or engagement rings in a simple design with fewer stones and/or gemstones, which are perhaps even more elegant and timeless.

The ring band made of precious metal

The ring band can consist of various different types of precious metals such as classic white gold, platinum, yellow gold or red gold. Of course, you can also get a ring that combines two different precious metals. This gives the engagement ring an extravagant touch.

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