Do you know what to call the components that make up an engagement ring? Knowing the engagement ring parts’ names is good to know, especially if you want to buy a tailor-made design so you can easily tell the designer what you want. In this guide, we outline the anatomy of engagement rings, comprising mainly the head and the band.    


The Head of an Engagement Ring

The part of the engagement ring where the diamond goes is called ‘the head’.The head is probably the most important one, specifically for diamond engagement rings. While the design can vary, most engagement rings feature the centre stone, side stones (if there are any), and the parts that hold the stone in place.
The centre jewel is the centrepiece of any engagement ring. You can choose a diamond or a coloured gemstone, and have it set in the metal in many different ways. The two most popular settings today are the claw or the bezel setting. The traditional claw setting offers the greatest visibility of the stone as it is held in place through four to six metal claws positioned over the stone’s edge or girdle. The bezel setting is often used for larger stones. It is composed of a thin metal band that surrounds the stone along the girdle, holding it firmly into place and protecting it all around.
If the centre stone is flanked by side stones, these would still be considered part of the engagement ring’s head. The side stones are usually smaller than the centre stone as they act as accents adding extra sparkle to the overall design.

The Band of a Ring

The second component of the engagement ring is the band, which is the lower part that goes around your finger. You can size the band to suit your finger and add engravings on the outside or inscriptions inside to make it more personal. The band also comes in different profiles.

First, there is the popular comfort fit, where the band has a rounded outer profile and a slightly rounded inside. This style is comfortable and soft for both the ring finger and the fingers on the sides regardless of the engagement ring’s width.
You can also choose a more modern take on this ring with the flat court profile. This band profile has the same rounded edges for comfort, but it has a flat outer surface giving the ring an overall more contemporary feel.

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