• A diamond ring consists of different parts.
  • Important information if you are planning to purchase a ring or have one tailor-made.
  • Still have not found a beautiful ring? At BAUNAT we have an extensive collection.

If you are interested in buying a diamond ring or having one made tailored to your personal design, then it’s important to know how a ring is constructed, in other words, the anatomy of a ring. It consists of different parts. Which parts? Find out here.

The chaton

The chaton of a diamond ring consists of a few designer elements, like the central diamond and the parts keeping it in its place, like the prongs or claws. It’s the part of the ring that stands out most. Most of the attention goes to this part.

The central diamond

The central diamond is larger than the diamonds and/or gemstones set into the ring. This is the center of attention of the diamond ring. The average engagement ring has a carat weight between 0.3 and 10. The solitaire ring is still the most popular model.

The prongs or claws

The prongs or claws are the precious metal protrusions that have to keep the diamonds in their place. The number of prongs is usually between 4 and 6. When you choose a certain design, you definitely have to take these claws into account. They contribute to the sparkle of a diamond. A prong setting emphasizes the diamond rather than the precious metal ring mounting.

The side stones

The central diamond can be accompanied by other diamonds and/or gemstones. This can be completely according to the available budget and your personal style. The possibilities are endless. The more side stones, the more expensive, evidently. But also simple designs with fewer diamonds and/or gemstones are timeless and elegant.

The ring mounting

The ring mounting is the part of a diamond ring that goes around the finger and is manufactured from a certain precious metal, like yellow gold, white gold or platinum. It is also possible to have a mounting made up of contrasting precious metals. A cool effect for an extravagant look.

Are you looking for a beautiful diamond ring? Then you should definitely take look at our extensive collection. A tailor-made model is also an option. If you are interested in a specific model, or have some questions, then please do not hesitate to contact us.

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