The word 'diamond' is often directly linked with an exorbitant price. The precious stone embodies elegance, rareness and opulence. Buying a diamond ring for your prospective bride, spouse or other person close to your heart seems a costly business.  Nonetheless, quality diamond jewellery is to be found at affordable prices. Like online at BAUNAT, for example. 

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You'll find the best price for a diamond ring online

Some people no doubt will feel hesitant about buying a high value ring, such as a woman's diamond ring, online. BAUNAT, though, specialises in offering an extensive collection of  diamond rings in white gold, red gold, yellow gold and platinum, in a wide variety of designs. All our competitively priced jewellery is of exceptional quality.
Better a diamond with a flaw than a pebble without
BAUNAT's online prices are up to 50% cheaper than you would find elsewhere at jewellery shops. This is because at BAUNAT we procure our diamonds directly at source, thus circumventing overhead costs and intermediaries.

The range of  diamond ring designs BAUNAT has to offer is exceedingly varied. Our designs can be found either under diamond engagement rings  or diamond wedding rings. Moreover, it is also possible to personalise your ring, even when you buy it online. BAUNAT offers a plethora of diamond ring types, such as the halo ring, solitaire ring, eternity ring, cocktail ring and toi et moi ring. Which one will you choose?
The cost of diamond rings varies depending on the diamond's cut - BAUNAT

How does the cut and quality affect price?

The first thing to look at when choosing a diamond is its shape. Did you know that a diamond's shape will also impact its ultimate price? Round brilliants are the most popular due to their incredible sparkle. The square princess cut is in second place.
Yet to the naked eye there is scant discernible difference in sparkle and lustre between these two shapes. Is the price of a diamond a decisive factor for you?  If so, opt for a princess cut. A ring set in this diamond shape is manifestly cheaper.

A key characteristic is a diamond's cut. This is assessed by an accredited, independent laboratory, such as the GIA. The ratings run from poor to excellent. If you are looking for an affordable diamond ring purchase, we recommend opting for a 'very good' cut rating. To the naked eye there will be scant discernible difference in sparkle in comparison to the 'excellent' rating. This cut represents an outstanding price-quality ratio.

But how can you be certain that any rings you buy online are of good quality?

This is the question that everyone looking to buy a ring online asks themselves. Firstly, you must of course enquire as to the quality of the jewellery in question, prior to investing in it.

To reassure its customers, BAUNAT offers a 20-year product guarantee on its diamond jewellery.  In addition, all BAUNAT rings are certified. You will be given a certificate by an accredited laboratory for jewellery set with diamonds of 0.30 carats or more; this certificate outlines the  4 Cs of your diamond  - its clarity, cut, colour and carat.
Buying a diamond ring online is significantly cheaper - BAUNAT
In a nutshell: among jewellery retailers selling diamond rings online, BAUNAT is at the vanguard when it comes to offering the best price-quality ratio. BAUNAT diamond rings are crafted by specialist, skilled, professional designers who are able to guarantee the quality of every item of jewellery. All the more reason therefore to buy special rings at the best price online. Would you rather--- pop by to see the ring in person? If so, book an appointment  at one of our showrooms.

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BAUNAT offers a 20-year guarantee on all its diamond jewellery
Are you concerned about delivery? Don't be. Delivery is free of charge and entirely at our risk, until you have signed upon receipt. Should the jewellery not quite be as you expected, you have thirty days to return it free of charge.

To keep costs down, you are advised to be sure of your correct ring size at the time of placing your order. This avoids having to resize your ring, which will incur costs. To be on the safe side, order the BAUNAT ring sizer.

The diamond ring of your dreams at a favourable price

BAUNAT procures its diamonds directly from source. Fewer interim steps means lower costs, which benefits you in the long run, of course. In addition, we work with an extensive contacts network that we utilise to get the best prices available. So, we can offer you our diamond rings at favourable prices.

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Moreover, you can use BAUNAT's tailor made jewellery service to acquire the jewel of your dreams.  We will consult with you to listen to your wishes and work within your budget. Our experts will devise a 3D model of your jewellery, and upon your approval, will craft it in no time at all. You will receive your diamond jewellery in a matter of weeks.

Looking for a diamond ring at the best price-quality ratio? If so, be sure to browse BAUNAT's online collection or to consult our experts for bespoke advice.

Which style will you go for?

You now know that the best place for an excellent price-quality ratio for your diamond ring is BAUNAT. But there are so many styles and designs to choose from that you can soon become overwhelmed. The BAUNAT experts are on hand to explain the benefits of the various designs.
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