'Women who say that they don't love diamonds, are women who don't have diamonds.', Elisabeth Taylor once said, whose diamond collection was one of the largest in Hollywood. From diamond earrings to brooches, and even a diamond tiara, Liz had it all. She got most of her jewels from Richard Burton, with whom she was married for a long time. Sadly, Burton died in 1984.

The 33.19 carats Krupp Diamond - once owned by Vera Krupp - was the first diamond Richard bought for her. He paid 305,000 US dollars (in 1968). Taylor wore the ring in some of her movies, during her interview on Larry King Live in 2003 and at almost every acte de présence. But her most famous diamond was without any doubt the 69.42 carats pear-shaped diamond - the so-called Taylor-Burton Diamond - which Burton bought at an auction for more than 1 million US dollars. The diamond was originally worn in a ring. 'But even for me it was too big.', Taylor said. 'So we've asked Cartier to design a necklace.' She wore the new design during the Oscars in 1970. It’s one of the most well-known necklaces in history.

After her death, all of her jewels were auctioned at Christie’s New York for about 106 million euros, an absolute record. It was the most lucrative auction of jewelry ever. The masterpiece was the necklace 'Peregrina', also a present from her ex-husband Richard Burton. This jewel was part of the Spanish Crown Jewels in the 16th century and auctioned for about 9 million euros.

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