This season there is one trend that has become unavoidable, the letter gold necklace. Some may say it is a direct derivative of the name or word gold necklaces that have been in fashion for years now. But a necklace with a statement letter is something quite out of the ordinary. Whether you choose to have the first letter of your name or surname, or maybe the first letters of your child’s names, the question is which font will look really unique?

  • What are the four basic fonts?
  • The ongoing trend of letter gold necklaces and how to wear them

What are the four basic fonts?

Because today’s world is governed by the digital era, with all its technology and computers, we may not pay attention to little details as much as we did before. These little details are related to the design and art in our world that make our experiences fuller and richer. And font is part of these details.

Interestingly enough, as individuals we may not always directly pay attention to font, but it is the font & style that makes us notice, read and remember things when we see an advertisement, we read an article, or we visit a website, even if we do not realise it.

Font is just as important if you are choosing your very special gold letter necklace. There are four basic font categories to choose from:

1) Serif: are the more ancient and traditional fonts, that have little feet at the ends of each letter.

2) Sans-serif: just means without serif which means without these little feet at the ends of the letters. 3) Script: are the fonts related to handwriting styles.

4) Decorative/display: these are the more unusual fonts, that are decorative and unusual.

For letter necklaces, the ones that seem to be the most popular are the fonts in the 'script’ category as they are elegant, but also casual and fun. This is also the letter type used by BAUNAT. The connections between the letters are most natural using script and make for the most elegant result. Moreover, it makes for a more practical design since the letters are sturdily connected to each other.

The ongoing trend of letter gold necklaces and how to wear them

You already know you want the ‘script’ font, but which letter or letters would you like to be represented in your necklace? What do other people choose?

The younger generation tends to choose the first letter of their first name or their full first name. The letter is usually quite large, clearly visible and often worn on a longer gold necklace along the décolleté line.

Women with families often opt for more discrete letters that represent the first names of their children. These letters are usually smaller, more between 1 to 2 cm and are worn on a shorter gold necklace, closer to the neck.

Whether you have chosen the discreet option or a statement gold letter or name necklace, you will be following the trend this year. Have you already chosen your gold letter necklace? Discover our fine jewellery, made by hand in Antwerp, using only the finest materials. BAUNAT creates both timeless new designs as well as unique tailor made jewellery.

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