• How has E-commerce developed so far?
  • How can you buy online jewellery with confidence?
  • What can you expect from the digital future?

Even though we have been able to shop online since 1990, the major breakthrough didn’t happen until a few years later. Nowadays, around 74% of those who are active online will also make their purchases online. Even the threshold for buying more expensive or more fragile items online seems to be disappearing. This also applies to buying jewellery online. This is excellent news, as buying jewellery online, like buying her engagement ring online, will offer you numerous advantages.

How has E-commerce developed so far?

There’s nothing easier than making a purchase from your very own home whenever you have time to do so. E-commerces have therefore made significant investments in the optimisation of the total online experience during recent years. This is why companies are now increasingly more active on social media, such as YouTube, Facebook and Instagram. Plus new apps are constantly being created to make shopping even easier for you.

The same also applies to anyone wanting to buy jewellery online. You can find videos on YouTube, inspiring photographs on Instagram.

How can you buy online jewellery with confidence?

Do you particularly attach a great deal of importance to personal contact and advice? It goes without saying the digital world can satisfy this need. Where you used to have to rely on an exchange of letters and telephone contact, you can now easily email or even chat with sales representatives and advisors. It goes without saying that word-of-mouth advertising is still an important factor where confidence is concerned.

This word-of-mouth advertising found its way to customer forums in the digital world. Top quality websites with numerous positive customer reactions and a high scoring customer assessment certainly exude the most confidence.

What can you expect from the digital future?

Whoever wants to buy jewellery online, can already find a 360° view of the jewellery on various different channels. Something which certainly wasn’t yet available a few years ago, but this is definitely going to become more important in the future. Who knows how we can further benefit from Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality. Or in which other virtual way you could try on the stock offered by an online jeweller via your laptop and smartphone.

It goes without saying that one does not have to exclude the other. That’s why BAUNAT can offer you the option of buying jewellery online, in addition to the opportunity of physically visiting our showroom by appointment. Contact our experts via telephone, email or chat for more information.

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