Spring and summer weddings seem the obvious choice for many couples, but have you ever considered an autumn wedding? Autumn is a lovely season to get married because there is the Indian summer where leaves change colour, but the temperature is still mild. Colours overall are more deep brown and vivid red and orange and as the season changes, the light is different too. Here are a few reasons to choosing autumn for your dream wedding.

  • Perfect season for a long-sleeved wedding dress
  • More intense wedding ceremony atmosphere
  • Gold jewellery with warm colours

Perfect season for a long-sleeved wedding dress

You love the glamorous look of those beautifully embroidered long-sleeved wedding dresses? In the summer those dresses may not be ideal given the heat, but they are absolutely perfect in the autumn when the weather is still mild but there may be a little chill at some point in the day.

These long-sleeved dresses offer a really romantic side and give the whole ceremony a bit of an antique vibe which goes perfectly with the whole autumn season.

More intense wedding ceremony atmosphere

As mentioned earlier, the deep browns and vivid oranges and reds that appear in the autumn really create a unique and more intense wedding atmosphere. It is the end of summer, but winter is not there yet. It is the season where nature’s changes are the most striking.

Your wedding day can easily be accentuated with warm and deeper colours, such as with the flowers and decorations. Furthermore, the wedding location can be set in a more nature inspired venue that gives the whole experience a cosier and more familiar feeling. Overall, autumn weddings are a rich alternative to the more traditional summer and spring wedding seasons.

Gold jewellery with warm colours

Another great point about getting married in the autumn is that you can pick more luscious and intense gold earrings, in yellow or red gold. Not only will they stand out more with your dress, but they will add that extra glow that you can only see in autumn days when the sun is about to set, and the light is still warm.

Gold earrings are a lovely choice and given the beautiful designs that are available out there, you will certainly find a pair of gold earrings that will match your theme and dress to perfection.

You are getting married in autumn? Do not hesitate to browse through the beautiful collection of gold earrings that BAUNAT offers online. Whether you prefer designer jewellery made by Belgian artists or a more classic collection, the choice is yours, we have both and more on our website.

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