Most of us know about Sex and the City. This great American TV series, of which two films were also released, is a global phenomenon. The series revolves around the adventures of four New York beauties (Carrie, Charlotte, Miranda and Samantha) and is full of love, lust, romance, heartbreak, fashion and, of course, jewellery. Let us, therefore, take a closer look at the beautiful diamond engagement rings that we have seen in Sex and The City over the years. Men can use this article as a source of inspiration, and women can dream away at the sight of all that beauty.

Sex and The City Engagement Rings: Carrie & Aidan

One of the first engagement rings that appear in Sex and The city is the diamond ring the main character Carrie gets from Aidan, her first love. A beautiful 3-caratAsscher cut diamond that is flanked by two lovely baguette-cut diamonds. Carrie insisted on wearing the ring as apendant, so it was closer to her heart. An Asscher cut is a good choice for those who love vintage. This diamond shape is back in style and often used in engagement rings.

Sex and The City Engagement rings: Charlotte & Trey

In season 3, Charlotte accidentally asks Trey to marry her. Not much later he lets her choose an engagement ring. Charlotte, known for her classical style, opts for a traditionalsolitaire brilliant of 2.17 carat. An excellent choice. After all, this model is still the number 1 most popular engagement ring.

Samantha’s Flower Ring

In the first Sex and the City movie, Samantha bids on an exquisite diamond flower ring at an auction at Christie's New York. Although it is not an engagement ring per se, it can be called a love ring. When it later turns out that her boyfriend of that time, Smith Jerrod, bought the ring for her, she could not give in to a long-term relationship. It is a turning point in the life of the otherwise wild Samantha. Flowers (and other natural elements) are still one of the biggest trends inthe world of jewellery.

Sex and The City Engagement Rings: Carrie & Mr. Big

After a tumultuous relationship, Mr. Big finally asks Carrie to marry him. And this with a black, 5-carat diamond, surrounded by 80 (!) pavé diamonds. The ring is one of the most beautiful engagement rings in (television) history. When Carrie asks why he chose a black diamond, he answers: “because you are not like anybody”. And he is right. Every woman is unique and deserves a beautiful diamond engagement ring which suits her personality and taste. That is why more men are buyingtailor-made rings.

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