• Which occasions call for solitaire diamonds?
  • Which diamond shapes are recommended for solitaire diamonds?
  • Different types of solitaire settings

A solitaire setting refers to jewellery that is set with single stone. This may be a necklace, a pair of gold earrings or even jewellery for men. Clamps or prongs hold the stone in the middle and position it so that it catches the most light.

Which occasions call for solitaire diamonds?

Solitary diamonds are primarily given as engagement rings, as a symbol for eternal love and loyalty. The moment a man goes down on one knee and puts a beautiful diamond solitaire ring on the finger of his beloved will be remembered forever.

Every time she looks at her engagement ring, she will think back to that one romantic event that changed her life forever. Many men opt for a traditional diamond solitaire engagement ring because of the classic elegance of this ring. The diamond is the centre of attention, and a solitaire ring like this fits with any style. In short, a safe choice. There are, however, many different types to choose from.

Which diamond shapes are recommended for solitaire diamonds?

Everything starts with the shape of the diamond. The brilliant solitaire engagement ring is undoubtedly the most popular. A brilliant cut diamond is cut in such a way as to ensure it reflects the most light. But princess cut and pear-shaped diamonds are also very much on trend. You also need to take into account how the diamond is set. A setting with four prongs makes the diamond appear more angular, while six prongs give it a rounder look.

Different types of solitaire settings

Once the diamond shape has been chosen, choose the right setting type. The setting serves to hold the diamond securely in place:

  • The prong setting, in which the diamond is firmly held in four or 6 prongs, tops the list.
  • A cathedral setting holds the solitaire diamond firmly on the sides. This setting is reminiscent of the vault of a Gothic cathedral, hence the name.
  • With a tension setting , the diamond seems to float between two precious metal 'arms'. Because there is no precious metal under the stone, it is very easy to clean. After all, diamond that is not clean looks rather dull.
  • But the setting that is increasingly gaining popularity is the bezel, where the solitaire diamond is completely framed by a precious metal band. The diamond not only looks bigger but is also better protected.

Whatever diamond shape and setting you are planning to choose, at BAUNAT we certainly have a beautiful diamond solitaire engagement ring in our collection to surprise your loved one with.

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