A solitaire is any jewel set with a single stone. This can be a necklace, a pair of earrings or a jewel for men. Admittedly, a solitaire is primarily offered as an engagement ring. It is the symbol of eternal love and faithfulness. The moment that a man goes down on one knee and slides a gorgeous diamond ring on his lovers’ finger will forever be remembered. Every time she looks at her engagement ring, she will reminisce about that profoundly meaningful moment that changed her life forever. A lot of men choose a traditional diamond solitaire engagement ring because it is classic, elegant and timeless. It beautifully presents the diamond and can match any given outfit. Long story short, it is a smart choice. Nevertheless this does not narrow it down to a single ring, there are several possibilities.

Everything starts with the shape of the diamond. The brilliant cut solitaire engagement ring is without doubt the most popular. A brilliant is cut to maximize its sparkle. It has the best light return. This by no means excludes other shapes such as the princess cut or pear shaped diamond. So as soon as you have chosen your shape, pick the right setting. The setting holds the diamond. The prong setting is by far the most popular. A cathedral setting firmly holds the diamond on the sides and reminds us of arches of a gothic cathedral, hence its name. A tension setting creates the illusion of a floating diamond by holding the diamond between 2 golden branches. Because the diamond is almost completely exposed, it is fairly easy to maintain. Important tip, no dirty diamond sparkles as it should. So always keep your diamond clean for a brilliant sparkle. A final option is the bezel setting, fully surrounding the solitaire diamond with a golden band, securely holding it in place. This optically enlarges your diamond to boot.

Whatever diamond shape or setting your prefer from this non-exhaustive list, BAUNAT will be able to cater to your taste. Have a look at our collection of engagement rings and surprise your lover.

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