• What is the meaning behind different well-known flowers?
  • What is the symbolism behind a bouquet?
  • What message do you convey when you buy her a diamond?

All over the world, people use floriography – the language of flowers – to convey certain messages. The kind of flower, the colour and even the amount of flowers that you give, express feelings of love, happiness, sadness etc. Which feeling can I express with which flower? And how can I buy the perfect diamond flower to say what I want to say?

What is the meaning behind different well-known flowers?

  • What is the meaning behind a rose?

A red rose is the ultimate symbol of love. The white varieties, on the other hand, represent purity, virtue and unity, while pink roses convey gratitude and appreciation. Blue roses are something truly special. They symbolize mystery, intrigue and unattainability, as they are impossible to find in nature.

  • Which emotions does a lily convey?

White lilies symbolize chastity and virtue, whereas black lilies – a mix of dark blue and chestnut brown – are giving to somebody’s first love. Yellow varieties in turn represent joyfulness. Red lilies do not exist in nature, but they denote passion and longing.

  • What is the symbolism behind Plumeria?

Plumeria - or frangipani - blooms throughout the year and symbolizes spring, new life and the renewal of nature. When you buy a diamond set in a Plumeria-shaped jewel, you have the perfect gift that represents a new beginning or a fresh start.

  • Why should I gift Wisteria?

Wisteria is a beautifully fragrant flower with a colour palette ranging from blue and lavender to a pinkish purple and even white. This delicate flower symbolizes humility.

  • What do I express with a violet?

It was named after its rich and vivid purple hue. The violet’s well-loved purple colour refers to humility as well. White violets on the other hand, symbolize innocence.

What is the symbolism behind a bouquet?

During the Victorian Era, spanning from 1837 to 1901, friends gifted each other talking bouquets or “tussie mussies” of fragrant herbs and flowers to express their friendship. Diamond jewels shaped like bouquets became very popular during that period as well. Because of the popularity of the ‘Language of Flowers’, translated from French, every flower received a special meaning. To immortalize this subtle expression of emotions, diamond versions were created. The most meaningful and precious of this kind of jewellery, were the bouquets.

After all, the diamond bouquets, too, were carefully put together using only the most applicable and symbolic diamond flowers.

What message do you convey when you buy her a diamond?

Not only a diamond’s shape but the diamond itself, too, carries a special meaning. Its indestructibility, purity and rarity represent unique relationships and eternal love. When you buy a diamond, it always has a special meaning. A flower shape will only add to this.

Where can I find a pendant shaped like a beautiful Plumeria? Which earrings are similar to cute little roses? Ask the BAUNAT diamond experts for advice on finding the perfect jewel or have diamond flower tailor-made to your wishes.

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