Diamond earrings are popular amongst women of all ages. They exude glamor and elegance, and emphasize the female identity. Diamond earrings are therefore an ideal gift for your girlfriend, fiancée or wife.

BAUNAT offers a wide range of diamond earrings from Belgian and international jewelery designers. Both modern, timeless as classic models, in 18 karat gold or 950 platinum. Always of the best quality and at the most competitive prices on the market, because you are buying them online.

White gold, red gold, yellow gold or platinum: BAUNAT has for every taste the perfect diamond earrings. There earrings are available in numerous shapes and settings, and will be tailor-made for you. Be inspired by BAUNAT! 

Diamond earrings in white gold

Diamond earrings in white gold are a contemporary variation on yellow golden or red golden earrings. The beautiful 18-karat white gold is created by the alloy with silver, palladium or nickel.
White golden earrings usually get a rhodium coating, to create an extra shiny effect and longer color retention. A beautiful diamond makes the picture complete.

Diamond earrings in yellow gold and red gold

Yellow golden and red golden diamond earrings are back with a vengeance. These timeless classics are available in all sizes, shapes and diamond settings. The beautiful, warm color tone? This is caused by the fusion with silver or copper. 

Diamond earrings in platinum

Platinum diamond earrings are the most prestigious segment. They are made of 95% platinum (Platinum 950) and have a unique look and feel. The great advantage of platinum is that the white color remains forever intact. It is also very suitable for a sensitive skin and suits any kind of diamond. 

Purchase diamond earrings online at BAUNAT: exclusive and affordable

Diamond jeweler BAUNAT is a big name in the international diamond and jewellery industry. Are you looking for exclusive and affordable diamond earrings? Please consult our diamond specialists. They will guide you through perfect diamond earrings for your loved one.

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