Some of us think that diamond prices may be too prohibitive and only dream of owning one someday. But did you know that you can shift diamond prices by simply making one modification to the equation? For instance, by choosing a less popular cut, you will not only have something unique, but you will also find yourself spending less. We all know that when something is not as much in demand on the market, it will command a lower price, even if it is a diamond.

That is the simple law of demand and offer on the market.

  • Which cuts are less expensive and why?
  • What types of antique cuts are there?

Which cuts are less expensive and why?

Antique cuts, that is the answer you are looking for. Antique cuts are the very first cuts that were created to cut diamonds. They differ quite a bit from today’s diamonds because they were not created using all the technology and knowledge we have developed the past decades.

Antique cuts are special because of their imperfections, they do not sparkle or shine as much as the diamonds do today and that is what we like about them. They have this nostalgic feel and this glow that makes them very glamourous.

These are the main reasons why antique cuts are considerably less expensive. But that does not take away their charm either.

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What types of antique cuts are there?

The single cut is one of the very first cuts as it dates back to the 1300s. Diamonds only had about 18 facets and the  table was very large.There are four main antique cuts we know of, of which two are still easily found today and popular amongst the romantics at heart.

The rose cut is one of the popular cuts today because there is nothing like it on the market. It is diamond that has a flat base and a spherically cut crown that resembles the bud of a rose. It originated in the 1500s and remained popular in the Georgian and Victorian eras when Kings and Queens particularly loved their fine jewellery and their sparkling gemstones.

The old mine cut and the old european cuts are quite similar. The only difference is that the old mine cut is the ancestor of the modern cushion and the old european cut is the ancestor of the round brilliant. Both cuts were also very popular through the eras.

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