Antique cuts are the very first cuts that were designed for diamonds, they are very different from today’s cuts that were studied to bring out every beautiful characteristic of a diamond in order for it to appear perfect, but they correspond to their era and that is what makes them unique cuts.

Today, the diamond price for an old cut is significantly cheaper, as old cuts compared to a standard round brilliant of 58 facets that displays beautiful fire, brilliance and scintillation, don’t appear as sparkly.

Nevertheless, they are coming back into fashion as they offer a more romantic and antique glow to your design.

See below detailed descriptions of each old cut and when they were created:

  • Single Cut: One of the very first cuts is the Single cut, which dates back to the 1300s. It barely has 18 facets, and the table is very large. Its particularity also is that the girdle has an octagonal shape.
  • Rose Cut: The Rose cut, which was created in the 1500s, resembles the shape of a rose bud as it has a flat bottom with a dome shaped faceted crown. It can have as little as 3 facets, up to 24. Because of its shape, it has remained popular throughout the Georgian and Victorian eras.
  • Old Mine Cut: Old Mine cuts date back to the 1700s, and could be compared to today’s cushion cut as they feature a girdle that is rather square shaped with gently rounded corners. They portray a very high crown, a small table and usually a large flat culet.
  • Old European Cut: The Old European Cut resembles the Old Mine cut with its small table and high crown, but it features a round girdle and with its 58 facets, we could call it the direct predecessor to the round brilliant cut we know today. It was designed in the 1800s and has lived through the Victorian, Edwardian and even the Art Nouveau periods.

These designs really do take you back in time, therefore, should you have a romantic soul these designs might be just right for you. And to top it off the asking diamond price for these particular cuts is significantly lower so there is no reason not to succumb!


At BAUNAT we have a fantastic team of designers that would be glad to help you create your very own ring featuring an old cut diamond of your choice for an outstanding diamond price. The ring would be entirely designed and manufactured in Antwerp and you could follow each step of the process.

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