The holiday season is fast approaching, and you have probably already started buying your Christmas gifts for your family and loved ones. Have you already thought about what you will be wearing for your Christmas celebrations and for New Year’s Eve party? Whether you are the festive type that wears black, gold and glitter or the traditional ugly Christmas jumper type, you need to start thinking about the jewellery you are going to wear. Here’s a small guide to the best brilliant earrings and rings that will be your perfect celebration accessories.

  • Brilliant earrings: coloured gems or white diamonds?
  • Rings: design or classic?

Brilliant earrings: coloured gems or white diamonds?

Brilliant earrings are a must-have for the holidays because they can be worn with any festive outfit. Whether you are wearing a turtle neck jumper or a dress with a remarkable neckline, brilliant earrings are ideal as they will not only always be noticed, but they will provide you with that extra sparkle that accentuates your face with elegance.

The choice of either colour or white earrings depends on your outfit. For instance, if you are wearing black or darker colours, then why not opt for a coloured gemstone to bring some colour to your outfit. Instead, if you are wearing a colourful jumper or a dress to mark the Christmas celebrations, then you could decide to wear more elegant and subtle earrings such as white diamond studs.

Another option that will easily complement all outfits is to wear a lovely pair of star-like diamond earrings, they are truly perfect for the holiday season as they remind you of the shiny stars in the dark winters and sparkly snowflakes.

Rings: designer or classic?

When choosing a ring to complement an outfit for the holidays, you need to consider two styles in particular: designer ring or classic ring? The designer ring will usually be a more intricate design, which can be inspired by a multitude of objects, by nature such as flowers and animals, or even a form of expression such as ballet. With a designer ring, you choose something truly unique that has a particular meaning to you.

The classic ring for women is a timeless piece that will not only be perfect for the holiday season, but it will remain a classic that you can wear throughout the year. Sometimes the style of classic rings can be seen as more simple, but the beauty lies within the elegance of the lines and the brilliance of the diamond, sapphire or ruby you many have chosen.

Have you not yet chosen your brilliant earrings for this year’s holidays? Look no further, at BAUNAT we have a unique collection of designer jewellery as well as timeless classics that make the perfect festive jewellery. Whether you are looking for diamonds or gems, do not hesitate to browse through our elegant collection of brilliant earrings and other jewellery.

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