Making jewellery can be very intricate and requires highly skilled craftsmen. Which is why today some parts in the jewellery making process are being supported by new technologies such as the cutting-edge 3D printing technology. It is the perfect tool when making a custom diamond ring, but what is 3D printing actually and how is it used for jewellery?

    • What is 3D printing?
    • How is it used when manufacturing jewellery?

What is 3D printing?

3D printing has existed for a few years now, but using that technology in the jewellery making process is more recent. It is more and more used by large companies to create every piece of jewellery, but also by smaller businesses and individuals that are looking at making their own custom diamond ring. It all starts with a design or drawing that is made using a special 3D modelling software. This design is saved as a 3D file which is then printed by a special 3D printer using specific materials.

Some printers work with powders, others with filament, or even with a type of resin or wax. The latter is the preferred method when creating jewellery as wax is the basic material already used by goldsmiths to make jewellery.


How is it used when manufacturing jewellery?


3D printing is an excellent tool when you are looking at making a custom diamond ring as it allows you to express your creativity without limits. There are endless opportunities with this technology as you can experiment more easily without it being too costly or time consuming.

When you are manufacturing a piece of jewellery, the 3D printing comes in right at the beginning. You start with designing the custom diamond ring you have in mind through a specific software as mentioned above. After that you use the 3D printing to print your design in a wax model that will be used to create the piece of jewellery.

Where does craftsmanship come into play?

What follows the modelling is the standard manufacturing process where you then make a mould of plaster for casting the metal, the wax is burned up or melted in an extremely high temperature oven and the metal takes its place, forming the piece of jewellery. This modern technology of 3D printing has considerably saved time and money to a lot of businesses without ever hindering the creativity process. On the contrary, it has assisted designers in creating amazing jewellery that can easily be called art.

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