For many years white gold rings set with diamonds have been highly appreciated by future brides. For those who wish to give their future bride a more original piece of jewellery, there are many alternatives to the rings that have become too conventional.

The different alloys and their meaning

An engagement ring symbolizes the bridegroom’s love for his wife to be.  Before rushing to buy a jewel, it is very important to choose the metal the ring will be manufactured with. White gold is the most fashionable choice right now. However for those who prefer their proposal to be a unique experience, it is recommended to find some extra inspiration and choose a different metal like rose gold, gray gold or black gold.

Rose gold symbolizes romance, sensuality, seduction, loyalty, joy and optimism. During the 70’s this material was used in the large majority of wedding rings.

Gray gold is the same as white gold but unlike white gold, it will not be rhodium plated. This gives it a rougher look that reminds a bit of titanium. Unlike rhodium plated materials, gray gold symbolizes masculinity. It can be used in the design of wedding rings, especially those of the bridegroom.

Very trending and a must for those who really value elegance is black gold. This gold colour can be achieved by treating the surface. Without regular maintenance this effect may wear off over time.

The diamond

When selecting a diamond, one should keep the colour of the metal in mind. For white gold it is recommended to choose a diamond without any yellow tinge, D or E colour, combined with an internally flawless  grading for clarity indicated as IF. It should be noted however, these kinds of diamonds are extremely expensive.

If one would choose a different metal colour, they could go for a diamond with a lower quality without compromising the esthetics of the ring.

For a black or rose golden ring, the customer can opt for a diamond colour between I and Z, as the colour of the metal can hide the yellow tint of the diamond. This way you can give your loved one an original but still affordable ring.  

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