• Who is Anne Zellien as a designer?
  • How did she approach her exclusive collection for BAUNAT?
  • When should I opt for Anne Zellien’s gold with diamond jewellery?

Her biggest passion lies with historic jewellery from the seventeenth and eighteenth century. The combination of discrete sentimentalism and natural shapes have emphatically made her mark on every collection. What does her design for BAUNAT look like?

Who is Anne Zellien as a designer?

Power woman Anne Zellien didn’t start her collection until she was forty years old. So this has now been around for more than 20 years. Her passion is derived from human relationships and valuable sentiments. “A piece of jewellery can symbolise what’s going on between two people. It’s not a free accessory you simply give to someone, but a valuable item which serves to remind us of an important moment in our lives, a birthday, a marriage, a birth,” she explains. She therefore instantly gained fame with her Sentimental Jewellery, whereby she supplemented gold and diamonds with special messages.

Anne Zellien ended up with BAUNAT as a result of her success during a design competition in 2009.

How did she approach her exclusive collection for BAUNAT?

Exactly as she does with her own work, the historic influence with the exclusive BAUNAT Pas-de-deux collection is almost tangible. The natural elements which were popular in the seventeenth and eighteenth century have taken on a luxurious dimension with gold and diamonds, which perfectly complement each other. The entire collection is all about the human connections, with rings which are inextricably connected or personal engravings. The ideal collection for celebrating love or friendship.

When should I opt for Anne Zellien’s gold with diamond jewellery?

Gold and diamonds are always very meaningful, but Anne Zellien’s exclusive design adds a great deal more. The deeply human sentiments integrated by the designer in her sleek, but natural pieces of jewellery represent the ideal gift when you just want to say that little bit more. Those same emotions are also what makes the jewellery the perfect item for a commemoration or celebration of the most important events in your life, as was the case throughout history. Opting for Pas-de-deux at BAUNAT is opting for a deeper meaning and touching symbolism.

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