You want to look your best on your wedding day. The art of creating the ‘perfect look’ for yourself is a combination of accentuating and masking. Accentuate your strong points and mask your imperfections. Of course make-up can be your best friend but the perfect look will never be complete if your dress is not a perfect fit. Let’s resume the different options and get you on your way.

Apple - You have broad shoulders, a full bosom and a belly? You are an apple shape. The bottom part of your body is slender with slender legs and flat buttocks. The best choice for you is an empire gown. This model tightly fits around your chest, accentuating your full bosom, and widens downwards, subtly camouflaging the belly. Another alternative is the short dress, drawing all the attention to your legs. Accentuating slender legs is a great way to get that skinny look.

Pear – Turn an apple upside down and you get a pear shape! Small bosom, narrow shoulders and a thin waist combined with wide hips and firm legs. With this figure you want to draw the attention to your elegant upper body! A strapless dress is an ideal fit.

Banana – Everything is the same size. Shoulders and hips are the same width. Flat buttocks, small bosom and slender legs. With this posture it is important to add some extra volume. Look for that typical Cinderella dress, a baby doll or a classical A-line. Extra tip: A V-neck will accentuate your bosom even more.

Hourglass – Your curves are to die for! Women with an hourglass figure need to accentuate their great chest and buttocks and their narrow waist. Try a corset or a tightly fitting dress. For maximum effect, go for the mermaid dress. This elegant model is sure to turn heads.

Good luck finding the perfect wedding dress!

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