There's one day in your lifetime when you'll truly be the centre of attention: the day you get married. You're ready to perfect your bridal look, and to render everyone speechless. But which bridal diamond jewellery can raise the bar for your wedding look? BAUNAT is on hand to advise.


It all starts with your wedding dress

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The best bit, of course, is choosing your wedding dress, the pièce de résistance. Your wedding dress makes the ultimate statement about you. Be sure to take your time in finding a dress that truly makes you feel like a princess. Jewellery can be a fantastic addition to your wedding dress.
If you have opted to wear a veil, a matching tiara is a good idea to add a touch of sparkle.

The bridal jewellery style you opt for will largely depend on the style of your wedding dress. Will you be wearing a very simple, elegant dress? If so, opt for contemporary, minimalist jewellery. Like a cuff bracelet, or long pendants.

Red gold jewellery looks amazing with a lacey vintage dress. Entourage bridal earrings or an entourage pendant will complete your look to perfection. If you'd rather not wear diamonds, pearls are exceptionally beautiful too.

A traditional dress often features long sleeves and a slightly higher neckline. In this instance a necklace or bracelet will be less noticeable. Why not opt for striking wedding earrings instead, to still add that extra touch of sparkle?

Is your wedding dress already set with lots of tiny stones? If so, to ensure all eyes remain drawn to your dress, opt for understated jewellery, for example, diamond stud bridal earrings and a satellite necklace.

Something old, something new

To finish off your outfit, a great idea is to combine something old with something new. The saying goes: ‘Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue’. Have you inherited jewellery from your mother or grandmother? If so, it would be very symbolic to wear it on your wedding day. Combine your 'old' jewellery with something new, for a vintage look. Or, you canincorporate a sapphire into your wedding earrings, for that something blue.

Your ‘something old’ doesn’t necessarily need to be inherited jewellery, it could also be a veil, bolero or stole to keep you warm. Whatever it is, it will make your wedding even more special.

Have your jewellery manipulated into a new piece

A harmonious effect

One key aspect to take into account is maintaining a harmonious bridal look. It goes without saying that you want to steal the show on your wedding day, but be sure to avoid overkill.

If your dress already fully sparkles or has a lot of lace, tone down your jewellery. Your diamond jewellery should complement your dress, not detract from it. Nor are you obliged to wear a veil, tiara, necklace, earrings and bracelet. Go with what feels right for you.
Bride wearing simple jewellery with lace wedding dress — BAUNAT - bride - flowers - wedding dress
For example, with a lavish dress opt for diamond stud bridalearrings. Similarly, pear-shaped earrings look fantastic if you're wearing your hair up. A tennis bracelet or riviere necklace will complete the look.

If you're wearing a more modest dress, a statement necklace is definitely worth considering. How about a sapphire necklace or eternity ring? Modern bridal earrings or a striking bracelet will also look fabulous with this type of wedding dress.

Invest in your future

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Many people’s jewellery collection starts from their engagement. Although diamond jewellery doesn't come cheap, it really is a good investment. Diamonds do not fluctuate in price and become increasingly valuable over time due to their scarcity. Should you stumble across hard times in the future, you can always fall back on your diamond jewellery.

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Choose your style of bridal jewellery

Besides your wedding dress, your bridal jewellery will help determine your style. A simple dress can be made into something very romantic, or conversely, very dramatic by your choice in diamond jewellery.

Decide on your preferred style beforehand, to then choose the appropriate jewellery. If you want your wedding jewellery to tell its own story, you could engrave an item of jewellery, or have your birth stone set into the pieces.

Determining the style of your bridal jewellery, and your wedding rings, is essential. You’ll be wearing your wedding ring for the rest of your life, so it needs to match your individual tastes.

Please don't hesitate to seek wedding ring advice from your jeweller. They can advise on the best precious metal to choose, and whether to have it set with diamonds, such as with an eternity ring, for example.

Choose your precious metal

Choose your precious metal in line with your skin tone. If you have a warm skin tone, opt for yellow gold or red gold. If your skin tone is cooler, white gold and platinum are the way forward.

Try to avoid combining precious metals. This can often come across as too fussy, upsetting the harmonious bridal look.

Consider the colour of your wedding dress

The colour of your wedding dress must also be kept in mind, to ensure your outfit harmonises.

  • A white dress is best complemented by platinum or white gold jewellery.

  • An ivory coloured dress is ideally combined with yellow gold, as this is a warmer colour than white.

  • Similarly, champagne coloured dresses look stunning with yellow gold jewellery.

  • Does your dress have a pink sheen to it? If so, opt for red or pink gold jewellery.

Which jewellery complements the neckline of your dress?

Not every neckline lends itself well to a necklace, whereas a strapless dress will to perfection. You will have to choose your wedding earrings and necklace based on your dress' neckline in order to create a fully harmonised look.

We’ve outlined the different types of neckline available to help you choose your bridal earrings and necklace style.
Woman wearing halter neck design dress — BAUNAT - halter neck - dress

A halter neck

A halter neck is a less common wedding dress style choice nowadays but is certainly a unique look! Just think of the halter neck dress Meghan Markle wore at her wedding reception. This type of neckline immediately draws the eye. So a necklace is superfluous.

Instead, accentuate your bridal look with diamond bar earrings for a modern look, or pear-shaped earrings for a romantic look.

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Woman wearing wedding dress with spaghetti straps — BAUNAT - spaghetti traps - dress

Spaghetti straps

Dresses with spaghetti straps call out for stunning jewellery. Is your dress already set with tiny stones? If so, keep your jewellery simple. A beautiful pair of earrings and a bracelet will often suffice.

Is your dress understated? If so, you can wear a necklace. There are a range of options to choose between, depending on your preferred style. Take, for example, a simple pendant necklace, or conversely, a statement necklace. Are you looking for something truly unique? Why not mix and match different necklaces.
Woman wearing a wedding dress with a V neckline — BAUNAT - v neckline - dress

A V neckline

With a deep V neckline you want to draw attention to it, of course. You can do so by wearing a necklace. Are you aiming for a super glamorous look? If so, opt for a long, statement necklace.

Would you like to draw more attention to your cleavage rather than your necklace? If so, opt for a simple, gold necklace, with a small pendant.

Another possibility, of course, is to draw no attention to your V neckline at all. In this case, a stunning bracelet and a pair of elegant earrings is the way to go.

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Woman wearing a boat neckline wedding dress with a BAUNAT sapphire entourage ring - boat neckline - dress

A boat neckline

This neckline is becoming an increasingly popular wedding dress choice. It accentuates your neck and shoulders, following the contours of your collarbone.

Jewellery in combination with a boat neckline should be understated. We advise against a necklace. That would be too much. A stunning pair of medium-length earrings and a matching bracelet will complete your outfit fabulously.

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Woman wearing a wedding dress with a high neckline - high neckline - dress

A high neckline

A high neckline is a popular choice for wedding dresses. If your dress has a low-cut, open back, the neckline will certainly be higher to balance the whole look.

With this style of dress we do not advise wearing a necklace, but you can add extra sparkle with a tiara or diamond clips in your hair. Similarly, medium-length earrings or a delicate bracelet will look stunning with this style of dress.
Woman wearing BAUNAT necklace and earrings - necklace - earrings - baunat

Heart-shaped neckline

The world is your oyster if you've chosen a heart-shaped neckline or a strapless dress. The most popular combination is a striking necklace and diamond stud earrings.

You could choose medium-length pendants, but do make sure they are in balance with your necklace.

Take a closer look at this statement necklace

Consider your hairstyle

When choosing your bridal jewellery, be sure to bear your hairstyle in mind. If you have long hair, bigger earrings are the way to go, so they don't get lost in your hair. Likewise, with a half-up hair do, striking earrings will look fantastic.
If you'll be wearing your hair up, then striking stud earrings will look fabulous — or even a tiara.
Woman with short hair wearing earrings from BAUNAT - short hair - earrings - baunat
With short hair we recommend diamond stud earrings, or medium-length earrings. Earrings that are too long can disturb your facial balance.

Will you be wearing your hair up? If so, opt for striking earrings and perhaps a tiara too, to attach to your veil. A short necklace is recommended, such as a pendant necklace or choker.

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Caring for your bridal jewellery

Your bridal jewellery will undoubtedly include spectacular pieces that you won't wear all the time after your big day. Make sure you keep them safe so you get to enjoy them for years to come. At BAUNAT we advise you always keep your diamond jewellery in its original box.

This will also entail less upkeep and cleaning. Of course, you can always clean your jewellery yourself. Yet, regular, professional cleaning by a jeweller is highly recommended toensure your jewellery looks as good as new again.

Bridal jewellery is often regarded as a great investment, so why only wear them once? If you have chosen understated bridal earrings and a bracelet, you can pair them with your everyday outfits to add a touch of sparkle. Likewise, with more striking pieces, take them out on special occasions — an anniversary, a birthday, or a holiday.


BAUNAT embodies certified quality at the best possible price. Fewer intermediaries and limited overheads mean we can offer you highly competitive diamond jewellery. After all, we invest in efficiency and in expertise.

Our Antwerp-based specialists respect traditions and boast the technical know-how in crafting top quality jewellery. Which is why we can offer you an extraordinary 20-year product guarantee.

Your BAUNAT jewellery is usually delivered within 7 working days in Belgium and most other European countries. If you choose your own design via the bespoke service, then you should keep in mind that it can take up to 4 weeks. You can track your jewellery piece throughout the process. And don't forget: from the day of receipt, you can return your jewellery at no cost within 30 days.

Read more about jewellery collections

We have summed up how best to match your wedding dress with your diamond jewellery. These are mere guidelines of course, as it's entirely down to you what you think will look stunning on your wedding day! Would you like to know more about jewellery collections and caring for them? If so, read on.
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