• Yellow gold: the colour of the gods
  • Yellow gold wedding rings have character
  • Yellow gold rings’ colour never fades

When it comes to choosing wedding rings, soon-to-be-weds often wonder which precious metal to select. With the large selection of different metals that can now be used to make wedding rings, it is quite understandable to ask yourself that question.

Yellow gold is often recommended, because yellow gold wedding rings are a true classic. If you would like to know what yellow gold has to offer, this guide is for you.

Yellow gold: the colour of the gods

You dream of a luxurious wedding, worthy of a king, a queen or even worthy of the gods. When you choose the right metal for your wedding rings, you have already realized your dream. Yellow gold wedding rings suit everyone perfectly. Discover, for example, this beautiful wedding ring in yellow gold with princess diamonds.

A yellow gold wedding ring is timeless. Yellow gold has always lived up to its expectations, even with the increased popularity of rose gold, white gold and platinum. Another example is this design wedding ring in yellow gold and diamonds (1.40 carat).

If you know a thing or two about gold, you will know that yellow gold is not pure gold, even though it has the appearance of a non-alloy gold. Yellow gold is a combination of fine gold or 24-karat gold with other metals such as silver and copper. These additional metals strengthen the ring, which allows you to wear your beautiful wedding ring on a daily basis.

Yellow gold wedding rings have character

If you plan to marry a woman of character, you must make sure you find a unique jewel that suits her to a t. Yellow gold wedding rings are polished and immediately catch your eye. For those looking for a durable wedding ring that will stand the test of time, a yellow gold wedding ring is a perfect option.

If you have not yet found the yellow gold wedding ring that really makes you happy, visit BAUNAT. You will surely discover different designs that conquer your heart.

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