• Which are the most popular months?
  • Which seasons are less conventional?
  • Which jewellery fits with which season?

Even though most people seem to say ‘I do’ in the watery spring sun or on sweltering summer nights, colourful autumn seems to be gaining in popularity these recent years. In which season should I hold my wedding? What are the trends for 2018? How to pick jewellery for the right season?

What are the most popular months?

For years, summer was considered the ideal season for taking the big step. The sunny months of June, July and August burst with #summerwedding. And even though the sunniest months of the year are still highly popular, autumn has been catching up since 2015. June dropped one place in the top 10 of most popular wedding months and made room for October. The whole notion of having an autumn wedding is getting more and more popular each year.

Preliminary research showed that 40% of the 10 busiest wedding dates in 2018 were in summer, 10% in spring and 60% in autumn.

Which seasons are less conventional?

The cold winter is, as research has shown, not a popular season to get married in. The least popular months are December, January and February, even though a lot of marriage proposals take place during the holidays and on Valentine’s Day. January is the least popular month of the entire year to get married. March, April, May and November are in between.

Which jewellery goes with which season?

Whatever the season you wish to get married in, you will have no problem finding matching bridal jewellery. A summer bride is inspired by the breath-taking sun and the swell of the midsummer sea and wears jewellery with wavy lines and round shapes. In spring you celebrate the start of something new in a blossoming environment and with awakening animals as the perfect backdrop. This is why you should go for flora and fauna themes in your bridal jewellery. For autumn you can choose jewellery with beautiful flowers in various colours or a jewellery set inspired by beechnuts.

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