• Which wedding ring suits my engagement ring?
  • Which matching jewellery should I choose?
  • Which earrings suit me?

Has your partner recently surprised you with a beautiful engagement ring? Then you can now start planning your dream wedding. After all, the most beautiful day of your life will certainly require a little bit of planning. The invitations, the ceremony, the venue and catering aren’t the only things which are going to require your attention. Have you thought about your wedding dress yet? And don’t forget to have a look at bridal jewellery in plenty of time, allowing you to perfectly complete your look.

Which wedding ring suits my engagement ring?

Before you start looking at earrings, wedding rings and necklaces, let’s start with the most important bridal jewellery of them all: the wedding ring. How do you make sure your wedding ring perfectly complements your engagement ring? The choice of precious metal is an important factor here. You will be creating a beautiful whole by opting for the same precious metal and the same style for both rings.

These days many couples also opt for non-identical wedding rings. This allows them to emphasise their own identify within the relationship.

Which matching jewellery should I choose?

Have you both been able to choose from the extensive collection of wedding rings? And have you also found the dream wedding dress which perfectly complements your figure? Fantastic, then you can now devote all your attention to looking for complementary bridal jewellery. The same rule applies here too: opt for the same colour precious metal for a harmonious whole.

Which jewellery you wear on your big day will largely depend on your personal taste, but also on the style of your wedding dress. Does your dress close around your neck? Then you won’t be buying a necklace. Do you have long lace sleeves? Then a bracelet will not add anything to your outfit.

Which earrings suit me?

Earrings are items of jewellery which belong in every bride’s jewellery box. After all, they will accentuate the shape of your face, make-up and hairdo more than your dress will. If you make sure they perfectly complement your engagement ring and wedding ring, you will instantly have a fantastic set of jewellery for special occasions.

Opt for diamond earrings which shine just as lively as you will on your special day. Classic, modern or perhaps a more creative design which emphasises a special theme? You will undoubtedly find what you’re looking for in the extensive collection of diamond earrings.

Would you like to be assisted, in order to make sure all your jewellery perfectly complements your engagement ring and wedding ring? Contact BAUNAT’s experts via email, chat or telephone.

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