• Which jewellery is trendy?
  • How can I combine accessories?
  • How can I buy more subtle diamond jewellery?

Jewellery for men has become a fixed value in the fashion world and the street scene in recent years. The trend is here to stay and can be interpreted both in a modern as well as a classic style. How can I buy the perfect diamond jewellery to complement my personal style? Which accessories suit me best?

Which jewellery is trendy?

  1. Which ring should I choose?

Rings are now also a stylish and contemporary addition to any outfit for men. Do you like wearing modern and fitting suits? Then you can complement this with a sleek metal design like platinum. Would you prefer a larger, more striking ring? Perhaps a diamond one? Then be sure to take care of your jewellery. Also make sure that a larger ring suits every aspect of your outfit and doesn’t look out of place.

  1. How should I wear a chain?

When choosing a chain for a man, make sure you opt for a style which is a little more cool and masculine. A man’s chain should never be a focal point, but more of a subtle addition to everything else. So how should the chain be worn? Be aware of the fact a chain will always create an informal atmosphere. So combine it with your pinstripe suite. Dog tags or a religious symbol on a striking chain are masculine and stylish. Diamonds or other precious metals which are too large will often clash with the rest of your look. So stick to a simple design.

Would you still like to buy diamond jewellery? Then opt for a typically male item, such as a tie pin or cufflinks.

How can I combine accessories?

You can easily wear bracelets together, as they tend to look a little more informal. Opt for different colours and materials which complement each other. Wooden beads in soft natural colours are the perfect background for a dash of blue. The nautical trend with braided rope and metal anchors also look great on a subtle background. Your bracelet will never come across as cheap if you complement it with precious metals or small diamonds. Did you opt for a basic and informal outfit? Then go for a classic metal or cool leather to complement it. Less is more.

What about my watch? This can give you a new dimension with a number of stylish bracelets around it. Invest in different styles of watches, allowing you to choose the most suitable one for your look. You are also better off avoiding diamonds on your wrist for a cooler look.

How can I buy more subtle jewellery?

What if I am not a fan of jewellery? Then you can also complement your look in a more subtle manner. A beautiful watch is a timeless classic. Invest in various different styles of BAUNAT-watches. Whatever you don’t wear, you can store in your safe. But less common accents can do a great deal for you too. A stylish collar clip can put extra emphasis on your tie knot and formal collar. Is it a special occasion? Cufflinks can really finish off a shirt. Opt for subtle diamond cufflinks for a classy touch. Your tie pin can feature diamonds too, providing there are no other striking details.

How do I wear masculine jewellery? Where can I buy tailor-made diamond jewellery? Ask BAUNAT’s diamond experts for advice.

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