• How did people use to buy diamond jewellery?
  • Which of these types of jewellery has left the biggest impression on modern collections?
  • Which historically inspired jewellery suits me?

People have been wearing jewellery for their aesthetic and symbolic value for millennia. The global historic types of jewellery together form a bottomless pool of inspiration for the modern jeweller. Which meaning did jewellery used to have? Where can I buy diamond jewellery now which was inspired by this rich history?

How did people used to buy diamond jewellery?

People from all layers of the population have experienced the luxury, status and emotional meaning of jewellery for thousands of years. People were already wearing gold in ancient Egypt and the engagement ring was first introduced by the Romans in Classical Antiquity. However, the diamond jewellery we know today wasn’t introduced until Victorian Britain. This is when the nobility could buy diamond jewellery in romantic and natural styles for an elegant look. Mourning jewellery, with a memento of deceased loved ones, also came into fashion after the death of Prince Albert, Queen Victoria’s husband.

A more modern style for diamond jewellery first started from the rise of Art Nouveau, which is also when Edwardian flower motifs became popular. Art Deco still feels contemporary too. This period was also when grinding processes were modernised.

Which of the different types of jewellery left the biggest impression on modern collections?

Even though antique jewellery is particularly valuable as a result of its age, the quality is often less high when compared to contemporary jewellery. However, the reflection of history can still be found in today’s craftsmanship. The re-emerging gold medallion used to be an extraordinarily valuable piece of jewellery, which would be used to carefully store locks of hair or small images and letters from far away or deceased loved ones. The popularisation of the diamond engagement ring by De Beers also dates back to the post-war Art Deco period.

Other historic forms of art also often serve as inspiration for modern designs.

Which historically inspired jewellery suits me?

As was the case back then, nowadays you still simply choose a piece of jewellery which completely fits in with your style. You can even consider different aspects of the jewellery for a well thought out piece of jewellery. What suits my current jewellery collection? Which colours often feature in my clothing style? But the historic meaning can also influence your decision. Which valuable trinket would I like to store in a golden medallion? Which elements inspired by the animal kingdom do I find most elegant? To what extent does the jewellery suit my extrovert or introvert personality? Each aspect of your jewellery will say more about your own personality.

How can I be sure I am buying the right diamond jewellery? Where can I find out more about the quality of my piece of jewellery? Ask BAUNAT’s diamond experts for advice.

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