• Give your wedding ring a personal touch by engraving it.
  • The days of only having a date or your name engraved, are far behind us.
  • Thanks to modern day laser technology, you can let your fantasy roam free for your engraving.

You are about to get married? Congratulations! We definitely do not have to tell you that a wedding required a great deal of preparation. For months, you live up to the big day and you want everything to be perfect. Recognisable? From the invites and the dress to the room: everything has to be perfectly planned. And then there is the choice of the wedding rings. After all, you do not want to just buy a gold ring. Your wedding is a feast of only one day but your wedding ring is forever and that is why you want a wedding ring with a personal touch. We have the perfect solution!

Buy a gold ring and have it engraved. This is the ideal way of personalising your purchase. There are many different techniques of engraving a ring. If you wish to buy a gold ring with a personal message, you can opt for the traditional engraving by hand, or for modern day laser techniques. This choice is partially decided by what you would like to have engraved.

The days of only having your wedding date or initials engraved, are far behind us. People want to buy a gold ring that tells their story and what they stand for. Would that be something for you? Thanks to the modern laser techniques, you can let your mind roam free when choosing an engraving. Her fingerprint, his handwriting or a little secret between the two of you? Everything is possible! The engraving can be much more than just a reminder for your wedding anniversary. Make it special and personal to express your love for each other.

Not only wedding rings are engraved. Other jewels are finding their way towards the engraver as well. Think about a pendant for a necklace with a personal message. Or a bracelet for a birth or a baptism of a child. Engraving is not that expensive, but the emotional value is priceless.

Would you like to buy a gold ring for your wedding and have it engraved? Let yourself be seduced by our extensive collection wedding rings and contact the BAUNAT experts. We would love to make your ring as unique as yourself.


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