• What can you engrave in your wedding ring, aside from name and date?
  • How advanced are modern engraving techniques?
  • How much does an engraving in a wedding ring cost?

Are you about to get married? Congratulations! We do not have to tell you that a marriage requires a lot of preparation. You are looking forward to that one day for weeks and weeks, and want everything to be perfect. Sounds familiar? From the invitations to the wedding dress and the party room: everything has to be planned down to the last detail. And then there is the choice of wedding rings. After all, you do not want to buy just any golden ring. Your wedding is only a one-day celebration, but your ring is forever, and therefore you want a wedding ring with a personal touch. We have the perfect solution for that!

Of course, you probably know that you can engrave the name of your partner and the date of the wedding in your wedding ring. This is still the most commonly used engraving. But there are other unique options as well. BAUNAT is happy to give you some inspiration.

What can you engrave in your wedding ring, aside from name and date?

Of course, there is insufficient room in your ring to engrave complete texts. A nice saying, motto or a suitable proverb should fit though. Is there a certain saying that you share? Why not have it engraved? And if your perfect saying is just a little too long, you can always split it up. This only makes the symbolism behind it even greater. You need each other to be complete.

Do you have an affinity for a certain song, for example the song that played during your first kiss or the song of your opening dance? Have the title or a passage engraved in your wedding ring. That way it is always with you.

How advanced are modern engraving techniques?

It is unfortunately not possible to create more space on the ring, but thanks to modern engraving techniques, we can engrave relatively difficult and small symbols accurately. You can therefore let your imagination run free. If the ring is large enough, you can even have his or her fingerprint engraved. The laser is accurate enough to duplicate every line exactly and thus create a unique fingerprint.

How much does an engraving in a wedding ring cost?

The cost of each engraving is as unique as the engraving itself. It depends on how the engraving is done and how big and difficult it is. If you choose name and date as an engraving, it will probably be engraved manually. The advantages of manual engraving are that the inscription is deeper and can be made more flowery.

For more complicated designs, a laser will be used. The price is not fixed for either technique. Inform yourself well in advance. The price is usually not that steep, and you get the corresponding priceless sentimental value for free.

Do you want to buy a gold ring for your wedding and have it personalized? Be tempted by our wide range of wedding rings and ask advice from the experts at BAUNAT. We are happy to make your ring as unique as you.

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