Diamond bridal sets are becoming increasingly popular today among brides and grooms-to-be.

But what are the main reasons for this popularity and what are the steps you need to follow when picking your set? We will be answering those questions in this article today, to assist you with your purchase.

  • Why are diamond bridal sets so popular today?
  • Choosing the perfect diamond bridal set

Why are diamond bridal sets so popular today?

Diamond bridal sets are composed of an engagement ring and a wedding band, that are set with many beautiful diamonds. It is called a set because the two rings actually pair perfectly together. They were designed and created to be sold and worn at the same time.

There are several reasons why bridal sets are so popular today. The first one, may be a direct result of it because today, women commonly wear their engagement ring as well as their wedding band on a daily basis. Just a decade ago, it seems that, once the marriage had taken place, the engagement ring was rather worn only on special occasions.

The second reason is purely an act of convenience and budget. If you buy a diamond bridal set, you not only save time, but usually may even be allowed to ask for a discount as you are buying more than one valuable piece of jewellery at once.

The third reason why it is so popular is because people like matching designs and styles and buying a diamond bridal set ensures that both the engagement ring and wedding ring are a perfect match, just like your relationship.

An elegant diamond bridal set, with a stunning princess diamond in yellow gold, by BAUNAT.

Choosing the perfect diamond bridal set

A diamond bridal set can pair and mix in various ways. You may start by choosing the same metal colour and basic design of the bands of the set.

As an alternative, you may choose different metal colours instead, to add a touch of modernity. In which case we would recommend focusing your attention on a specific theme that you love.

The set may be intricate and complicated where the two rings seem to become one ring when worn together. Or it could be a marriage of two very similar designs that can also be worn separately, allowing you for more flexibility. A great example of this type of bridal set is choosing stackable rings

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