Unlike money, jewellery, gold and gemstones such as diamonds have stood the test of time. In many famous museums you can find antique jewellery, items made of gold and gemstones dating back to as early as centuries before Christ that look so intact that they seem to have been made just a few centuries ago.

One example of very ancient goldsmithing is that of the Varna civilisation, near the Black Sea, which was found as early as 4560 - 4450 BC. It is believed they were one of the first cultures to develop goldsmithing techniques. Graves were found containing more gold than what was discovered in the rest of the world dating back to that period.

  • Emotional value
  • Financial value

Emotional value

Jewellery, gold and diamonds are timeless and durable. These are precious objects that are purchased or given as gifts for special occasions. They are passed on to future generations carrying along with them the stories of the people that wore them, adding emotional value to even the simplest piece of jewellery.

The emotional value is often stronger than the financial value, because humans are romantic at heart. People just love happy endings, stories of lost love or new beginnings, and jewellery, gold and diamonds can provide you just that. Precious pieces of jewellery can be passed on through generations and remain intact, they often become the last piece that reminds you of that one person or that one special occasion. 

Financial value

The financial value is of course very important, especially when jewellery, gold and diamonds are being purchased as an investment.

Should you consider buying commodities to diversify your investment portfolio, these 3 commodities are an excellent option. They provide the best protection against credit risks of financial institutions, currency fluctuations and inflation. Moreover the law of supply & demand indicates structural increases of diamond and gold prices on the world market making them very important potential contributors to your investment portfolio.

That is why jewellery also makes an overall perfect investment as it will always be possible to sell it easily for its gold and stones if need be. And should the piece of jewellery be an original piece made by a known designer, it will hold even more value over time as an antique designer jewel.

BAUNAT has an extensive catalogue of beautiful designer or classic jewellery that would make the perfect gift for any occasion. BAUNAT is also a worldwide reference for diamond investments with its in-depth knowledge of the diamond supply and demand market. 

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