• How do I plan the my proposal?
  • Where can I find the perfect engagement ring?
  • What happens after my partner says "yes"?

You are sure that your partner is the one for you. He or she is the only person you want to spend the rest of your life with, and you want to make that official. Time for a marriage proposal! Sounds very romantic, until the moment arrives. How do I plan such a proposal? What must I pay attention to? Which engagement ring does he or she want?

How do I plan the marriage proposal?

Most couples talk about future plans and getting married in advance. What if we have not yet talked about it? It is best to have a conversation first before you take the big step. What if my partner indicates that they do not want to get married? Respect that wish and do not ask her to marry you. As an alternative, you could propose a cohabitation contract.

For a proposal that he or she will remember the rest of her life, we recommend to take his or her preferences into consideration. It is important that you do not try to duplicate iconic proposals or film moments, but focus entirely on your partner and thing unique to your relationship.

Do not forget to ask permission from your father-in-law if that is important to your partner. Searching for the perfect engagement ring well in advance is not an unnecessary indulgence, either.

Where can I find the perfect engagement ring?

In a rare case, your beloved may say that they do not want an engagement ring. But with the vast majority of proposals, a diamond ring expected. And that is where it gets tricky. Especially for men buying an engagement ring for their female partners. Pay special attention to your partner's personal tastes. What style of rings does she already have in her collection? What do her mum, sisters and best friends know about what her perfect engagement ring would be?

Do not try to find a ring that looks 'like an engagement ring should'. Find the perfect ring especially for her. Or for him.

What happens after my partner says "yes"?

Planning the perfect wedding proposal can be very stressful. You plan down to the finest details and you make sure that everything will go perfectly. But what comes next? Many people forget that the evening continues after the proposal. A beautiful and unique dessert after dinner or a romantic walk through the city will bring your evening to a memorable end. Maybe you want to start planning your wedding right away? Feel free to curl up on the sofa and start fantasizing about your big day.

Where can I find the perfect engagement ring? How do I know for sure that the ring is the right style? Where can I buy a tailor made engagement ring? Ask the BAUNAT diamond experts for advice for a proposal to remember.

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