You've found the right person. You've found the right diamond engagement ring. Now all that’s left is when, where and how you ask her to marry you. There are plenty of options and many tips and tricks to make this romantic moment run smoothly. With your proposal, you will not change the world, but a little effort - be creative! - is in place. You need to make her feel like she is the love of your life.

A marriage proposal is nothing without a beautiful diamond engagement ring. A lot of men think it’s not that easy to choose the perfect ring. But this doesn’t have to be difficult! Go together with her to a few jewelers and find out what she likes, or ask her friends and family. In the end, when you know her taste, you can move on to the (online) purchase. We at BAUNAT have an extensive collection of diamond engagement rings. Also, remember to have this precious new investment insured against loss, theft and damage.

Your marriage proposal, however, should not come as a complete surprise. You need to be 200 (!) percent sure that she wants to marry you. Only then can you take action. Or no, wait! Before going on your knee, you firstly go to the father of your beloved. His consent is essential. It's also a great way to make a good impression on her parents. Then you can finally ask her to marry her. How? That we leave up to you. From an intimate venue to a video message, to jumping out of a plane, the possibilities are endless. But whatever you do, put your heart into it. Show her how much you love her, tears included.

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