Do you consider yourself a romantic? Then a heart-shaped diamond is a good choice for you because a heart-shaped diamond has long been the most romantic cut. Diamond is renowned for its durability, and the heart is known for love. Combine the two, and you create a symbol for lasting, invincible love. With a heart-shaped diamond, you express your desire for eternal love, security and, connection. Cutting this shape requires craftsmanship and expertise. The cut is suitable for the most diverse diamond jewellery.

·       The appeal of the heart-shaped diamond

·       The history of the heart-shaped diamond

·       The romantic appearance of the heart-shaped diamond

·       Most famous heart-shaped diamond jewellery

·       Other heart-shaped diamond jewellery

·       Cutting a heart-shaped diamond

·       What other diamond cuts are there?



What is the appeal of the heart-shaped diamond?

BAUNAT heart-shaped diamond
A heart-shaped diamond makes us long for  eternal, everlasting love.

The word ‘diamond’ comes from the Greek 'Adamas, which means 'invincible'. Traditionally, the raw gemstone symbolised invincibility and at the same time power, status, and courage. Today the diamond also symbolises enchantment, beauty and, a spiritual longing.

People used to believe that our feelings were nestled in the heart. The heart does indeed beat faster when we experience emotions, for instance when we have feelings for somebody else. Therefore, the heart has a universal, symbolic meaning: love.

The history of the heart-shaped diamond

Since ancient times, diamonds have always fascinated us. However, we had to wait until the second half of the 15th century for a heart-shaped diamond to become a symbol of eternal love. A letter from Galeazzo Maria Sforza (the Duke of Milan) to Nicodemo in 1463 mentions a heart-shaped diamond.
Choosing a heart-shaped diamond is an expression of a dazzling desire
In the 16th century, nobles and royals offered exclusive diamonds as a token of friendship and goodwill. For example, Mary, Queen of Scots gave a heart-shaped diamond to the English Queen Elizabeth in 1562. A jewel with a heart-shaped diamond is still a decidedly fairytale gift.

The romantic appearance of the heart-shaped diamond

A heart-shaped diamond is a right choice for Valentine's Day, for a wedding anniversary or as an engagement ring. Especially as a gift to someone special who makes your heart beat faster, and who loves the brilliance of diamonds. With a heart-shaped diamond, you show that your love is invincible and will last forever.

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The most famous heart-shaped diamond jewellery

  • The Heart of the Ocean

  • Graff Diamonds' largest heart-shaped diamond

BAUNAT-Heart of the ocean
In the film Titanic, the ‘Heart of the Ocean’, a chain with a blue heart-shaped diamond, plays a leading role. This replica jewel is based on the famous 45.5-carat Hope diamond. Louis XIV of France had it in his possession for a long time. Today, you can admire the stone at the Smithsonian Museum.
Graff Diamonds recently unveiled the largest heart-shaped diamond in the world. It was cut from a rough 357-carat diamond found in the Letseng mine in Lesotho. It took a year and a half to cut. Boasting a carat weight of 118.78 ct, the gemstone has an "excellent" cut level and a symmetry with no fluorescence. An unknown buyer paid 19.3 million dollars (17.4 million euros) for it.

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Are there any other heart-shaped diamond jewels?

The heart-shaped diamond has a unique appearance, making it ideal for a variety of jewels in a heart-shaped diamond, such as a diamond ring.

Often, other diamonds are also used to achieve the romantic heart shape, such as for these heart-shaped diamond earrings or a heart-shaped diamond necklace.

Depending on your preference, you can wear a heart-shaped diamond ring either with the tip pointing to the fingertips or with the tip pointing towards the wrist. The pointed corner of the diamond is fragile. So, take care of your jewellery. The strongest option is to have it secured in a ring setting with five prongs.

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Cutting a heart-shaped diamond

Cutting a heart-shaped diamond is an art of its own that requires a great deal of skill from the diamond cutter. To obtain the heart shape, the diamond is cut with 59 facets. Some heart-shaped diamonds have additional, smaller facets above the girdle and on the pavilion. With facets of lower cut quality, the gemstone lets in less light, causing it to lose brilliance.
It takes years to learn to cut a diamond perfectly
Symmetry is also very important for a heart-shaped diamond. A perfectly cut heart shape has a ratio of 1/1. In rings, heart-shaped diamonds are usually set with 3 or 5 prongs. Most diamond makers secure the pointed corner of the diamond with a prong to minimise the chance of breakage.

What other diamond cuts are there?

Each shape has its own characteristics and will suit one person better than another. So, just like the colour of the gem or precious metal, it is important that you choose a shape that matches the style of your beloved. New cuts are still being invented. Some of the most common and their properties are:

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