• What are stackable rings and how symbolic can they be as bridal sets?
  • How should rings be stacked?

Looking for the perfect bridal set can be a challenge for even the most organised bride. Getting them to fit your dress is one thing, but how can I choose a bridal set I will want to wear for the rest of my life? How can I make sure I can keep enjoying my jewellery long after my big day?

What are stackable rings and how symbolic can they be as bridal sets?

Today, brides have many options to choose from when it comes to engagement rings and wedding bands. Although the classic combination of solitaire and simple wedding band remain very popular, there is a growing trend for stackable bridal sets.

Stackable rings are rings that can be worn one on top of the other on the same finger and they either flush perfectly together or they match in style or theme.

Stackable bridal sets are a great choice for many reasons, they allow you to wear several rings together in a trendy way, they express your individual style and they are a lovely symbol of your cherished moments in life.

How should rings be stacked?

There are different ways to stack rings and in particular bridal sets. You can choose a set of rings that flush together perfectly, meaning the rings overlap to the millimetre. Sometimes, the wedding band is even carved out on one of the sides so that the engagement ring fits into the band tightly. It is a lovely option when you always wish to wear them together and in that order.

Sometimes you may also find bridal sets that are composed of three rings, an engagement ring, a wedding band and an eternity ring. In these cases, the wedding band and eternity ring are worn on each side of the engagement ring. The result is absolutely beautiful and really creates a lot of brilliance.

You may also opt for a themed bridal set, such as using the same metal colour for all rings or the same gemstones. A floral or nature inspired theme can also be used on each ring to create an artistic ensemble.

Once you have your bridal set, further bands can be added over the years, with the same theme, to commemorate other life events such as motherhood or anniversaries.

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