Spring time

It’s that time of the year again, when the air is milder, the days are longer, and people start crowding terraces and spending more time outside. Spring time is particularly the time when the flowers start blossoming, the grass is getting greener and the trees slowly come back to full life. 

This is also the perfect season to start wearing your floral jewellery thereby being in tune with nature. Jewellery has been inspired by nature for a very long time. Take for instance the Art nouveau movement, in the late 1800s, early 1900s, the jewellery that was created during those years, was mainly inspired by nature and organic things. Flowers, grass, insects and all sorts of representations of nature were made through paint, glass, furniture, jewellery and more. Fabulous pieces were created during that period, but also long before that and after that since nature has always held a very important place in our lives.

Buying floral jewellery - selecting a flower ring with diamonds

Floral jewellery has become increasingly popular again recently, going from designs that really take the shape of a leaf for a pendant or earrings for example, to a flower ring with diamonds, that has become a classic but remain a contemporary choice nevertheless.

Whether you like the delicateness of a flower ring with diamonds or a more elaborate design that would include a butterfly or another insect for instance, nature can be found under many forms and which ever option you choose, your jewel will always be representative of how you feel about nature and how wonderful it is.

At BAUNAT, we have a lovely selection of floral designs and designs inspired by nature as a whole that you could choose from. But we also offer a complete tailor made solution, where we entirely manufacture the jewel you have in mind, just as you wish to have it, including the design, selecting the gemstones and the metal and manufacturing the jewel in our local workshop in Antwerp.

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