Making a diamond out of peanut butter

Making a diamond from peanut butter: a German geologist managed it

Can you make a diamond out of peanut butter? A German geologist did just that. - Discover diamond jewellery at BAUNAT.

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Man measures ring using a ring sizer - BAUNAT

Resizing a ring after purchase

Do you need to resize your ring for some reason? BAUNAT explains the options.

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What is the average engagement ring price?

What is the average engagement ring price? • Find engagement rings to suit every budget in the wide-ranging collection from BAUNAT.

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Engagement ring vs wedding ring

How do engagement and wedding rings differ? How do you wear them together? BAUNAT can give advice on choosing and wearing engagement and wedding rings.

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Choose a memorial ring to honour your loved one - BAUNAT

A memorial ring to keep your loved ones close to you

Would you like to turn your wedding ring into a memorial ring after the death of your loved one? BAUNAT offers advice for choosing the perfect jewellery.

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Which bracelet should I give for a Communion present?

Would you like to give your child a personalised bracelet to celebrate first Communion? BAUNAT explains what the meaning is and how to choose a timeless piece of jewellery.

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