Engagement ring with oval diamond from BAUNAT

How do I get my engagement ring through customs?

How do I get my engagement ring through customs safely? How do I best protect it? BAUNAT shares some advice.

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De Beers diamonds, a giant in the sector

Engagement Ring Origin: The History of De Beers Diamond Jewellers?

Have you ever wondered where the line “Diamonds are forever” comes from? BAUNAT tells you the history of De Beers & their diamond engagement rings here.

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Old couple cuddling at the lakeside during sunset

A memorial ring to keep your loved ones close to you

Would you like to turn your wedding ring into a memorial ring after the death of your loved one? BAUNAT offers advice for choosing the perfect jewellery.

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Why India is claiming the Koh-i-Noor diamond back from Britain

A dispute between the British monarchy and India has been smouldering for a long time. Read the exciting story of the Koh-i-Noor!

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golden wedding rings with yellow diamonds on elegant white  fabric

This is how African couples get married

Which tradition are there instead of buying a ring when proposing? What are typical African wedding customs? BAUNAT explains.

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Trilogy diamond ring with emerald

Glistening Gems: 5 Girl's Names Inspired by Precious Stones

Seeking a unique name for your bundle of joy? Explore five exceptional names inspired by jewels and precious stones. Embrace glamour and originality with BAUNAT.

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