The police in Namibia are at the moment searching for a 78 carat diamond with a value of no less than 4.65 million euro. This precious gemstone was stolen during a strike in a diamond mine. The diamond is denoted with the illustrious name The Ekati Spirit and was previously described as ‘the most valuable stone in the history of the diamond mine’.

Government owns half of stolen diamond

It is expected that the police will do everything in their power to retrieve the precious gem. The diamond mine in question is, after all, half in possession of the Namibian government. Namibia is known for its rich diamond deposits, which are estimated at more than 80 million carat.

Backpack tourist steals diamond of 135,000 euro

It isn’t the first time this year that a valuable diamond was stolen. Only a few months prior a rare pink diamond of 135,000 euro was stolen in Australia in the most striking way. This was done by a British backpack tourist, who couldn’t think of anything better to do in the jeweller’s store than to swallow the diamond. Unfortunately for him his actions were thoroughly filmed by the security cameras. When he tried to travel back to New Zealand, he was arrested at the airport.

Hope diamond, the most famous stolen diamond

The most famous stolen diamond is undoubtedly the Hope diamond, which now resides in a museum in Washington. The diamond was found during the 17th century in India and has, since 1668, been travelling around the world. In the course of the centuries it was stolen repeatedly, the first time, according to the legend, even from the eye of the Hindu god Sita. It was also stolen during the French Revolution in 1792, together with all the French crown jewels. The Hope diamond also supposedly brings bad luck. It even got blamed for the beheading of Louis XVI.

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