• Which hand should I choose according to my traditions?
  • How important is my place of birth?
  • Which trends do I follow?
  • What do I base my personal choice on?

Once you have found the right engagement ring, you also need to slip it around the right finger. Your hand of choice can depend on your culture, your religious beliefs, where you live or whether you are right or left handed. On which hand will you wear your rings?

Which hand should I choose according to my traditions?

During a Jewish wedding, the bride wears her wedding ring on her right index finger. After the wedding, the ring is moved to the index finger of her left hand. According to long-standing popular belief, however, it is better the other way around, because your right hand is said to be connected to your heart. Rings convey different meanings depending on around which finger you wear them

If you wish to follow tradition, you should wear your engagement ring on your right hand if you are catholic and on your left hand if you are protestant. In the Islamic world, there is not such a strong tradition regarding engagement rings as in the West.

How important is your place of birth?

In Flanders, even the province where you are born can make a difference. In East and West Flanders, the wedding ring is usually worn on the left hand, whereas in Antwerp and Brabant, it is worn on the right. In Limburg it is even more confusing: there it varies from region to region. In North America and South Africa, the wedding ring is worn on the ring finger of the left hand, regardless of religious beliefs. In the Orthodox communities, the wedding ring is worn on the right ring finger.

Which trends do I follow?

The newest trend is without a doubt the engagement ring for men. This used to be a unique privilege for women, but with the legalization of same-sex marriages and the growing number of men who wish to receive an engagement gift too, this unique privilege is a thing of the past. For men, there is no tradition that dictates on which finger or hand they should wear their engagement ring.

What do I base my personal choice on?

These traditions and trends aside, the ring finger no longer has the exclusive right to the engagement or wedding ring. Nowadays, practical considerations play an important role as well. People who are left handed or with professions involving heavy work, often prefer to wear their rings on their right hand or around a different finger, in order to prevent damaging it.

What if I don’t know what to choose? Which engagement ring would suit my loved one? How do I choose a ring for myself? Ask our BAUNAT diamond experts for advice.

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