Wedding planning? It has been big business in the US for years. But even in Belgium you can ask a professional wedding planner for his or her guidance. He or she will offer you personal assistance in every possible aspect of your wedding ceremony. Even ordinary event agencies are increasingly offering their services as wedding organisers. Discover the pros and cons of hiring a professional wedding planner here!

Finding a suitable venue and making all necessary reservations, taking care of your means of transport, the wedding script, print works, catering, music, ... A personal wedding planner takes charge of everything and leaves nothing to chance. A wedding planner is not only a good master of ceremonies, he or she frees your mind from all the stress a wedding involves and takes care of every little detail. You can even get him or her to organise your Honeymoon!

The advance of wedding planners in Belgium

The rising popularity of wedding planners in Belgium is striking. Belgians after all are in the habit of organising their own wedding. The typical scenario? They start off with a ceremony in a local church or town hall, and then set off for to the nearest party venue for an evening filled with drinks and food.

Getting someone to organise your wedding costs a lot of money. Yet wedding planning has been gaining popularity for years, especially in families with a busy schedule that do well for themselves. The influence of international television programs probably has something to do with this sudden increase in popularity.

Getting married with the help of a wedding planner comes with some nice advantages:

• Experience with every practical detail
• Easier access to beautiful venues
• Better prices for catering
• A stress-free preparation

But it does have its downsides too:

• Certainly not cheap
• You miss part of the fun
• You need to get along with your personal planner

Choosing the engagement or wedding ring? That is a decision you better make on your own. On the BAUNAT website you will find inspiring ideas that will help you find the perfect diamond engagement ring. A wedding planner may be an organisational whiz, you still know your fiancée best!

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