• What is platinum used for?
  • What are the advantages of investing in platinum?
  • How do I invest in platinum?

You are best off spreading your money across various different types of investments for a healthy investment portfolio. In addition to property and fixed-income securities, raw materials have certainly also taken up an important position. Which raw materials do I choose? Where can I go for an investment like this?


What is platinum used for?

As is the case when buying diamonds, you are choosing a very versatile raw material when opting for platinum. In contrast to other precious metals, a large part of the limited annual volume goes to industrial applications. For example, there is no alternative to platinum’s role in combating carbon monoxide and other polluting exhaust gases and the restrictive environmental rules will further increase demand. The medical world also very regularly uses platinum for implants, such as prostheses and pacemakers, as it’s very harmless and sustainable.

Platinum is also popular in the jewellery trade. Accessories and jewellery with platinum and buying diamonds, carries a great deal of status. The materials’ sustainability means they often also symbolise eternity. The precious metal doesn’t corrode or deform. This ensures it always retains its beautiful shine.

What are the advantages of investing in platinum?

  1. Why do I get a high return on platinum?

Why would I invest in platinum? This is a combination of different factors. As is the case when buying diamonds, your platinum investment will enjoy an increasing demand and falling supply.

  1. When should I sell my platinum investment?

With platinum you’re thinking about your future. You will be investing in a relatively stable intrinsic value when buying platinum and diamonds. What should I do when the value of my raw material falls? Wait patiently. You can rest assured it will go back up again. You can subsequently sell when it suits you.

How do I invest in platinum?

You can buy platinum in accordance with your own preferences. Are you after a small investment? Then you should opt for a small number of platinum coins to keep in the safe . These will subsequently be easy to sell on again. Would you prefer to invest a little more? Then you could buy a platinum bar. Do make sure the bar is 99.95% pure and comes with a reliable stamp. It will be harder to sell this bar on, but it will earn you more.

And finally, you can also opt to buy valuable jewellery made from platinum and diamonds. The sustainability of the different parts will ensure the jewellery will remain beautiful year after year, whilst you will also be adding sentimental value to the whole.

Why would I be best off investing in platinum? How do I start an investment in precious metals or diamonds? Which investment in raw materials suits me best? Ask BAUNAT’s diamond experts for advice.

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